Multimedia Entertainment System

NEC’s crowning achievement, the Turbo Duo Multimedia CD-ROM Entertainment System was to be the last TurboGrafx console released in America, succeeding through the first half of the 1990's, leaving an incredible mark on gaming history that would not be realized for nearly a decade.

The Turbo Duo was to be all that the TurboGrafx line should have been. Lightyears ahead of its time, the Duo was the pinnacle of advanced gaming technology of the early 1990's, capable of playing the existing library of standard TurboGrafx game titles through a HuCard port concealed under a gullwing flip-top door, along with Turbo CD and Super CD game titles developed to utilize an expansive amount of additional memory and resolution built into the Duo's core. This meant better graphics, higher quality sound, and a greatly intensified gaming experience that could not only compete with the other 16-Bit game systems, but put them to shame. The Turbo Duo retailed in such stores as Toys 'R' Us for around three hundred dollars and came bundled with a large package of software including Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge, Bomberman, the advanced 3-Dimensional shooter Gates Of Thunder and Ys Book I and II, along with a Duo version of the TurboPad, RCA television connections and power supply. The Duo continues to thrive on a growing enthusiast base and benefits from both its collectability and its growing library of homebrew game titles. Expect to pay between three to four hundred dollars on eBay for a solid Turbo Duo.