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An Introduction from The President

Hello there! Welcome to the Institute For Advanced Turbo Gaming Studies hosted at TurboGrafx-16.com! This is your President speaking... Yes. That's right. I am definitely the President. Most definitely. As the President, I am here to welcome you most graciously to the Institute and introduce you to all that it has to offer. I will be your guide throughout this website and answer your questions. But first I believe I should tell you a little about myself. I am most definitely the President. Yes, that's right, of the Institute of course! I'm really a nice guy, I'm sure you'll like me. I love wine, women and song. Although it's usually cheap box wine, loose women, and off-key Japanese karaoke. Turbo Grafx-16 is my mistress. That's right. And the Turbo Express is my girl friday. They are fine ladies and they love to be played! Yes, yes. The president is a happening man. Definitely not behind the times. I work here at the Institute, overseeing the very most important things. I have an exquisite office with thick squishy carpet, a comfy chair and a desk that I bark orders from all day. President is an unsurpassable man at any age.


President also really enjoys his PC Engine and his Turbo Duo. Yes, I definitely do enjoy them! It's games like Kato And Ken, Air Zonk and Bomberman that make life so much worth living. I'm telling you these games are fun! But what I want to say most to the people of this Institute is I want you to live sound and healthy lives through TurboGrafx gaming, I believe that's the most important thing. The first step to a good life is to enjoy Turbo gaming to the greatest extent. It is my first wish for the people to live sound and healthy lives, and spending time playing a TurboGrafx system of your choice can help make this possible. It's absolutely true! Got it? Have I been heard? Do I make myself clear? Well then make it so. The Institute exists to help you make the most out of your TurboGrafx experience, so by all means if President and his people can help you have a better day, that's what we're here for. I welcome you to the Institute and wish you the very best. - Love, President

Our Mission

A worn out TurboPad in every gaming collection.

Our Vision

TurboGrafx-16.com will promote, celebrate and encourage gamers everywhere to enjoy the TurboGrafx line of games and systems. This website will cater to the American TurboGrafx enthusiast which we believe has been underserved for many years. While there is an abundance of quality PC Engine web sites on the internet, there have only been a handful of English web sites that are unapologetically dedicated to the American line of TurboGrafx systems and its following. TurboGrafx-16.com will fill that void and serve as a rally point and resource center for all Turbo gamers worldwide, highlighting the TurboGrafx-16, Turbo Express and Turbo Duo entertainment systems. May this website entertain, inform and inspire, and above all, may it instill a new sense of wonder in man's ability to shape an enjoyable new world that offers hope and excitement to people everywhere.

"We are not a traditional gaming website and we do not intend to become one." - Justin J. Scott, TurboGrafx-16.com Founder and Institute Chairman

The Website Today

TurboGrafx-16.com will become the ultimate TurboGrafx web resource and rally point for Turbo enthusiasts world wide. I believe this new incarnation of the web site will prove to be far superior to its predecessor, bringing the Turbo systems into the 21st century with a fresh clean website that is as beautiful as it is innovative, and an ocean of TurboGrafx information and digital resources. The new TurboGrafx-16.com web site features a comprehensive overview of all TurboGrafx systems developed for the American home consumer electronics market, extensive TurboGrafx history, a growing library of web resources including eBay auction tools exclusive to our web site, general information regarding the Japanese PC Engine variant systems, multimedia downloads, TurboGrafx propaganda and documentation along with a growing list of over 300 pages of cheats and codes featured on our Tricknology 101 page. This site will also serve as home to the Institute For Advanced Turbo Gaming Studies - created to protect, preserve, promote and celebrate the rich history of the TurboGrafx-16 lineage of games and systems.

We hope to assist every-day gamers with an interest in the TurboGrafx-16 systems who are just becoming familiar with these systems. We strive to stir up new interest among gamers new to the world of TurboGrafx, while serving casual gamers who share an affinity for these systems. We are available to give help and answer general questions. Please visit our Help Page for more information.

The Evolution of our Site

On a cold, rainy day in December of 1996, the website that would one day become TurboGrafx-16.com came alive.

The earliest incarnation of the TurboGrafx-16 website, known as "TurboXP" was hosted on Yahoo! Geocities and focused on the American TurboGrafx line of systems and games.

Designed by site founder Justin J. Scott, TurboXP was to become his first experience in web programming, and consisted only of basic text links and a handfull of pictures. Justin would later go on to create other gaming websites such as Atari 7800.com.

The original website arose out of a collaboration between Justin J. Scott and Scott Dawson Mills, who both shared a common interest in Turbo gaming and saw the need to develop an "online home" that would cater to the history and the excitement of Turbo gaming.

The second incarnation of this site launched in the spring of 1998. A new graphic interface was incorporated and the website gained a classic TurboGrafx motif, complete with neon orange over black color scheme to simulate the original 1989 TurboGrafx packaging. The website grew to include additional pictures and downloads. Our little website was gaining in popularity and began to be linked across the internet. The TurboXP website would remain active for nearly six years, and was one of the only TurboGrafx websites in existence in the years shortly after NEC abandoned the lineup.

On July 4, 2002 TurboGrafx-16.com was launched, replacing our old website that had been performimng Yeoman's work since the middle of the previous decade. The new website was designed to include extensive game reviews, game cheats and codes, along with a history overview of the TurboGrafx systems. Since its debut in 2002, this website has operated as a sister site to Atari7800.com.

TurboGrafx-16.com as it is today was launched in December of 2004 after undergoing an extensive refit of the entire site. Justin J. Scott and Scott Dawson Mills reconnected, along with Emily Grace Detering, to rethink "what should be" and assemble their vision for "the ultimate TurboGrafx website."

The end result was a complete rethink of the site's approach to "entertain, inform and inspire" in a way that was innovative and exciting, while remaining true to the spirit of TurboGrafx. The idea was to create a website that "felt as authentic as could be felt" or, in other words, to create the website NEC would have created had TurboGrafx remained in the market.

What would they have done? What would the site be like? We believed they would have created a clean, fresh site, filled with bright imaged and informative content covering everything from cheats to history to support. And that's exactly what we set out to do.

Our only goal : To augment the TurboGrafx gaming experience.

"We believe we have succeeded in accomplshing that. And the greatest reward in the end is to see how many people truly enjoy our website, and are encouraged to enjoy these wonderful games once again."

- Justin, Scott & Emily Grace

A Unique System for the Ages

The classic gaming hobby is filled with a plethora of game systems, ranging from the Atari 2600 to Nintendo 64, each of them with their own story to tell. However none of them seem to spark the love and admiration within their respective enthusiast groups that the TurboGrafx and PC Engine seem to spark within their own. It's a love that's hard to place into words for those who don't feel it themselves. There's a rare bond and affinity with this system that you do not find with others. Maybe it's because those who owned a TurboGrafx in its heyday survived the onslaught of the other popular systems and had to defend what they loved. Or maybe it's just the uniquity of the system its self, owning something that almost nobody today has ever heard of. There is a true uniqueness with these systems, especially in terms of the experience, and in owning a piece of an interesting moment in gaming history.

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The Institute acknowledges the contributions of all of those who have made this website possible over the years. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your encouragement, your contributions, and for believing in such an obscure cause. Your involvement means the world to us.


Special Thanks : :

  • Emily Grace Detering
  • Scott Dawson Mills
  • Heather Prato
  • Johnathan Brandstetter
  • Aaron Nanto
  • Gene N. Landrum, Ph.D.
  • Tetsuta Watanabe, Ph.D.
  • Nihon University
  • Atari 7800.com
  • Lance Ringquist
  • Curt Vendel
  • Albert Yarusso
  • AtariAge.com
  • Corbie Dillard
  • Jon Michael Dyer
  • Colin Marshall
  • Sam Wainwright
  • "Atari" Joe Rivera
  • Turbo Zone Direct
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