The Turbo Library is the Institute's compendium of all collected works and media relating to TurboGrafx-16. The Library will serve as the core of this website, a central nervous system interconnecting all of the Institute's compiled TurboGrafx resources which are made available to you on line.

The Library is broken down into four sections; History, Reference, Resource and Media. The History selection features a complete history review for the three major TurboGrafx systems released to the US market, along with a historical review of the PC Engine in Japan. The Reference selection includes Documentation ( articles, press releases, features ) as well as an Instructions Bank featuring instruction manuals for Turbo games and systems should you have lost your manual over the years or purchased an auction that did not come with proper literature. The Resource selection includes our Tricknology Dept. which features cheats and codes for over 300 game titles, followed by our Propaganda web page featuring the largest known collection of TurboGrafx advertisements and comics, made available to you here in digital format. The Media selection includes links to both audio and video archives.

To access Library archives and information use the navigation map at the top of the screen by following along the curve and clicking on the desired section to bring up the web page.