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The Mailing List has now become the Official Mailing List of the Institute for Advanced Turbo Gaming Studies. It's your ticket to staying up to date with the Institute and the website. And the only way to receive the mailing list is to become an Official Member of the Institute for Advanced Turbo Gaming Studies. Become a member today to start receiving the Mailing List through email about once a month or so. We do not use your email to spam or sell your information to advertisers. As an Institute Member, you are one of us, and we respect you accordingly.

What Institute Membership Means to You

So what does "membership" get you? Well a lot considering its totally free. Becoming a member means first and foremost you will receive the Official Mailing List of the Institute as described above. You will also be privied to special offers and store discounts on hot Turbo merchandise and collecting supplies. Free Duo CD game titles, HuCards, the occasional 20% off your holiday purchase. You will also be able to take part in private Institute contests, such as "get the highest score at Blazing Lazers and win a free game!" etc. We believe these sorts of contests will make TurboGrafx ownership all the more enjoyable. Additional resources will be made available to you as the website continues to develop, and as an Official Member you will be able to submit feature articles to be published on the website. Care to share your thoughts with the entire TurboGrafx gaming world? Anything from game reviews to opinion articles, write them up and submit them to the Institute for review. As a member, your works will be published on our website and highlighted in the next mailing.

When you join the Institute you also are given the option to partake in the Institute Member Directory. The Directory is only made available to other members to partake in the program, and works as a community phone book, posting an alphabetical listing of Institute Members along with their email address and instant messenger screen name, allowing you to contact fellow members to engage in private TurboGrafx conversations to discuss technical issues, gaming trivia, cheats and codes, or whatever else comes to mind. Making eBay identities available makes it easier for you to purchase and sell TurboGrafx items on the open market, not to mention you have the confidence of knowing you are bidding on an auction from a fellow Institute member. Through the Member Directory you may also access the Institute AIM Chatroom to engage in an open-aired discussion among friends.

The Institute is a privately held organization, it is not an open forum as only selected individuals will be invited to join based upon their email submissions. This prevents advertisers, shills, hacks and other undesirables from creating a cancer within our organization, allowing us to keep the Institute community pure. With multiple classic gaming forums are open all over the internet, the Institute aims to be something much smaller yet most potent. The Institute is the ultimate privately-held TurboGrafx gaming society. Enthusiastic gamers new to the TurboGrafx world are welcome!

Membership is Free!

The best thing about Institute Membership is that it's free. It's just our little way of trying to weave together the TurboGrafx gaming community a little bit tighter than it already is. It also gives us an opportunity to promote our website and encourage Turbo gaming. By joining, you will not owe us a dime. No small print. No free trials. Just fun and games.

How to Join

Joining is simple. Just email us with all of your provided information and we will take the time to read your thoughts and will likely add you to the Institute family and grant full membership after a full review. Just send us an email with the following information:

Your Name
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A Complete List of your TurboGrafx Systems, Games & Accessories
Share with us how you became involved in TurboGrafx Gaming
Share with us what you love most about the TurboGrafx line
Explain how you came to find our website
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As soon as we receive your email we will contact you with information regarding your membership status. Please allow a few days for a response. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Institute!