TurboGrafx-16.com Goes Live After Complete Site Overhaul
Web site to Serve the English & American TurboGrafx-16 Fan base

January 1, 2005 :: Today I am proud to announce the launch of the newly completed TurboGrafx-16.com web site. TurboGrafx-16.com will cater to the American TurboGrafx fan base which I believe has been under served in recent years. While there is an abundance of quality PC Engine web sites on the internet, there have only been a handful of English web sites that are unapologetically dedicated to the American line of TurboGrafx systems and its following. TurboGrafx-16.com will fill that void and serve as a rally point and informative resource center for all Turbo gamers worldwide. I believe this new incarnation of the web site. will prove to be far superior to its predecessor, bringing the Turbo systems into the 21st century. The new TurboGrafx-16.com web site. features a comprehensive overview of all TurboGrafx systems developed for the American home consumer electronics market, extensive TurboGrafx history, a growing library of web resources including eBay auction tools exclusive to our web site., a small TurboGrafx web store featuring a few select items, general information regarding the Japanese PC Engine variant systems, multimedia downloads, TurboGrafx propaganda and documentation along with a growing list of over 300 pages of cheats and codes featured on our Tricknology 101 page. TurboGrafx-16.com will also serve as the on-line home of the Institute For Advanced Turbo Gaming Studies whose mission is to protect, preserve, promote and celebrate the rich history of the TurboGrafx-16 lineage of games and systems. The web site. first began live in 1997 as an enthusiast site known as "TurboXP" hosted on Yahoo. On July 4, 2002 the site was renamed "TurboGrafx-16.com" and has slowly evolved into what it is today. We hope you will find our new web site. as enjoyable as it is useful!

Ys : Book VI The Ark of Napishtim debuts for PS2 & PSP
Falcom & Konami resurrect Ys for the 128-Bit Generation!

November 22, 2004 :: Konami and series developer Falcom have announced the upcoming release of "Ys VI : The Ark of Napishtim" for PlayStation 2 and PSP. Popular media web site.IGN.com is reporting with full details and play test of the new title which is scheduled for release early in 2005. The original Ys (pronounced "ease") made waves in the mid 1990s, particularly in their CD-ROM debut on the Turbo Duo, and were known for more than gameplay. With an involving storyline, memorable music, likeable characters, voices and impressive cinema scenes, all of which come to mind when thinking of Ys, and have become an iconoclastic title for Turbo Duo and Turbo CD. Visit IGN.com for the full Ys VI playtest.