Advanced VG

Additional graphics:
Wait for the game to continue after completing story mode to view a picture of Yuka in a shower.

Play as Keiichi or Kei:
Note :This code requires a multi-tap and a six button controller in port two. Hold Up and press I + III + V on controller two and press Run on controller one when the TGL logo appears. Move the pointer to the far left or right on the bottom row to select the new characters. Keiichi and Kei are only playable in versus mode.

Fight Yuka only in normal mode:
Press Run on controller one to start a normal mode game, then immediately tap Run repeatedly on controller two. The character selection screen should be black except for the two standing characters. Select the desired fighter for player one and any fighter for player two. Defeat player two to fight Yuka for the next nine matches. The ending sequence for your character will be displayed after the matches are won.