Blazing Lazers

30 continues:
Hold Select, press Run at the title screen, and wait until the phrase "Area 1" appears.

Unlimited continues:
Enable the "30 continues" code. When the current game ends with 30 continues remaining, press Select, Select, then hold Select + Run until the game restarts.

16 lives, 36 bombs:
Avoid and do not shoot the Boss at the end of any odd numbered level. After the Boss leaves, 16 lives, 36 bombs, and a double score will be awarded.

View ending sequence:
Hold Right and quickly tap Run at the title screen.

Mode select:
Hold Select while tapping I, II repeatedly at the title screen. Press Select to choose between four difficulty levels. Begin game play by holding Run and press Select. Alternatively, enable the Turbo switches and press I + II to start the first part of the code.

Sound test:
Hold Select and alternately tap Left, Right repeatedly until "Sound 01" appears.

Area 0, 30 continues:
Enable the "Sound test" code. Press I, II, Select twenty two times. Then, hold Select + Run until gameplay begins.

Debug mode:
Enable the "Sound test" code. Press I, II then tap Select repeatedly until the debug screen appears. The following debug functions may now be enabled.

Level select:
Enter 00 - 09 as a debug number.

Enter 77 as a debug number, then press Up, Down before exiting the debug screen.

Half game with many satellites:
Enter 83 as a debug number.

Extra lives, bombs, and power:
Enter the debug number for the desired level. Hold I + II and press Start to begin game play with 10 lives and 10 bombs. Additionally, you will continue from the previous location instead of the previous checkpoint after losing a life.


Player's Guide


The first major encounter will be a ship of pods. Make sure your craft speed is at maximum (use SELECT so that four marks appear in the upper left of the screen) so that you may avoid the bullets easier. Perfect timing while releasing one bomb will wipe out all or most of the pods. Yet, if you want to save your bombs, regular shooting will destroy them as well. In area 1, when using field thunder (beam spread over a wide area) fly near the top of the screen to wipe out enemies just as they appear on the screen. When a capsule appears on the screen that rotates from one weapon to another it will eventually turn into a solid ball and drift up to the top of the screen. Grab it and you will get another ship. Collecting one multibody capsule gives you anotehr source to s;h;oot from that mimics the movements of your ship. Up to two multibodies are availiable to you and appear with a bluish tint. Additional capsules turn the mutlibodies green and give them more power. Destroying the TriClops can be done with the multibodies and field thunder. Avoid being hit
so you will have the extra firepower into the next area.


The best weapon is the power wave. It is important to have shields in this level, as you will take hits. Multibodies help tremendously here but you need shields first so you have both. The gun pods on the bottom of the space pltaform should be taken out first as you approach them. There is one in each corner. Homing missles come in handy in this level too, however; make sure you have shields. Sweep back and forth with mutlibodies to blow away objects as they come onto the
screen. It is important to go after the gun pods on the platform grid. Using ring blaster is an excellent defense against the guns. The ring surround your ship absorbs the bullets and also destroys enemy ships. You will need to collect the full number of gels to boost the ring to high speed, but you best defense it is your best defense in any of the levels. The guns pods are guarded heavily, destroy the large ones first using the field thunder. Stay close to the bottom of the screen. When the pods are destroyed be careful here as bullts are usually near them. The Gating Gun is easy to destroy. Use full speed again and just take your time and avoid its fire while shooting away. You are now clear of the platform and heAding toward your redezvous with big borg. Use field thunder or power wave. With at least a few gels collected, you can hit big borg while your ship is off to one side away from the beam when it fires. Then you will need to be directly under the ship to fire your weapons.


Keep moving in this level!! Mister twister is instant death, shoot him on sight. Later cubes block your shots use your special weapns. there are many gels in this level so coolect as many possible and blast quickly. Keep the shields charged and watch for mister twisted. Clear some more blocks. Certain objects will not need to be hit unless the blocdx are cleared or the objects are close. Full fire will be useful later in the gun but be careful when too many object appear on the screen full fire will miss some and endanger your ship. Use the full fire against orbiting disks. Use bombs when things get nasty. Tarax the Geat will arrive and sned out spiders. Use powerful weapons or missles to destroy him. The field thunder (built up on gels ) and save bombs to use against him also.


Best weapon- power wave. Use the known stratgeties (shields, multibodies, etc.) The wide pattern of the power wave helps clear objects on the side. Keep the multibodies spread out to wipe out the eyes that attack you.

Boss- space prowler throws out green parasites that try to hit your ship. Use homing missles and keep movving off to the side so your ship will not get hit. After destroying the lower half of space prowler, the top half must be fought. It moves to the bottom of the screen, move to avoid it. It can be killed quickly.


Best weapon- field thunder - ignore the power wave capsules and DO NOT get the full-fire capsules. As you proceed blow off the tops of the pyramids(use your bombs, one or two will centralize them all). Also destroy the fire towers immediately as they appear by centralizing them with bombs. Use multibodies but keep the shields up! If you miss blowing off the top of a large pyramid you will face a myriad of missles. Either shoot them or nuke them with bombs. The "Easter Island" heads can be taken out with the Ring blaster. The rings absorb the bullets and with full-fire rings they will wipe out everything in their path as they proceed toward the top of the screen. Go for the pyraimids for shield capsules.

Boss-Demon Rock-has an unbeatable shield that contains a two headed dragon. Avoid the rock. when it opens blasat the dragon! The globes it sends after you must be avoided asthey cannot be destroyed.


Where the red light flashes is where the enemy ships zip out from. Keep your distance though, occassionly the ships zig zag or move radically and will slam into your ship. Best weapon- full fire and field thunder will track and destroy the spce icebergs and enemy ships. Keep the shields charged! Boss-the space parasite-the field thunder and full fire will trash it in no time. Then the parasite will spilt into 3 parts The middle part is usually the last to go. Use bombs against it.


Next to Area 9, this is the most difficult level, It throws most of area 1. beginning of the level best weapon-field thunder and full-fire capsule. the bungo boxes have shielding and can be destroyed only when the shield doors are open. Full fire will wipe them out without having to get too close. Remember that these things shoot back. there is one on each side and others will come down from the top of the screen. Just like in Area 1, full fire and field thunder (III) work well. A bomb timed right waill get most of them too, but save the bombs (aginast gun turrets )for later. Gun turrets abound in this level - go for them first. Except for the beginning of the level Do NOT use full fire, but use the field thunder or power wave (II). Do not go for the mulibody instead of building up your shields. Shields are imporant here. The lazer cannons on the sides are best attacked if you ahve boosted weapons, such as field thunde that blasts out of the sides of your ship. Otherwise, do not waste your time on these guns as they cannot hurt your ship unlewss you are directly under them. As the game progresses you will encounter larger Pods and a gun turret , first get the gun turret in the upper right hand corner, then blast the pods. Now you will encounter the armor shields that fall from the top of the screen. Learn their pattern just move to avid and shoot at them . Make sure that your ship speed is at full (Use the select button). Four triangles should appear on your readout under the score in the upper left corner.


Collect as many gels as possible. Again, use bombs on mulitple gun turrets. When the hatches open and launch the cluster missles, one blast at them befroe the seperate will destroy them all. Then as the game pogressess more shielded gun turrets appear on the sides of the screen. Take out one side and just avoid the bullets coming from the other side of the screen. As you near the end of the level you should have high power. The end boss-Battle tank-best weapons-II or III. Either of these shoot at a high angle so that you can stay off to one side while shooting. Battle tank shoots screw lasers at you. To get past him, the laser turrets must be destroyed and there are two of them. It will also shoot bullets that spread out. Move toward the top of the screen to avoid them or time your movements to position your ship between them. After the screw laser turrets are destroyed, battle tank will launch missles(one or two at a time) at you- avoid or shoot them. Finally, the tank will be highly susceptible to your shjots but at the same time it shoots quantities of bullets at you.


Best weapon- thunder field Yellow bubbles are easy to pop while the red ones are very difficult until your weapon strength is built up. Get only certain power gels-stay away from the power wave; it is weak against bubbles. Built up those shields. they take a lot of abuse from the bubbles. Blast the bubble blowers, power capsules are nearby. Skulldor throws little bubbles at you, which get bigger, destroy them as soon as possible. Use the multibodies against Skulldor. When he blows up he will attack in a new form, it will take time but keep shooting at him and try to stay under it at all times.


Shoot the ships by staing on one side of the screen. You may need a bomb to get all of them. Shields are critical in this level, but multibody helps alot. Big borg will appear again, use the multibody against him. It is easy to kill him but look how low the shields are on power. the mutlibody can be positioned under Borg even while it shoots at you. Latter in the level the multibody is helpful, along with the power wave. Keep moving side to side while shooting and get the II capsule if it appears. Gating gun is simple to wipe out. The vipers wlll come in force, keep the shields up. Battle Tank will appear again. One technique-try and lead it oof the screen. Keep moving right and it will move off just keep going. Otherwise, juse the smae techniques from area 7 to annihilate it. Two mister twisters will come at you fast. The latter part of this level will be tough. Use the multibody, keep it pointed at the rear side of your ship. The space parasite is just like before. Note that two multibodies give you a good edge..


"Blazing Lazers" is one of the all-time classics for the original TurboGrafx-16 systems, by far outperforming any other 2-D shooter of its day. I can't even count the number of times I would stop off at Toys 'R' Us to go over and play Blazing Lazers for an hour at a time. It's an unbeliveable game, and with the proper strategy and enough will power, this game can be defeated with skill and enjoyment, not frusteration and dissapointment. This is one of those games where you will brag for years of your mastery as this must-have classic has been a challenge to so many throughout the years.