Bloody Wolf

Level select:
Press II, I, I, II, I, II, II,I at the title screen. Then, use the D-pad to select one of the following levels.

  • Level 1 : Up
  • Level 2 : Up/Right
  • Level 3 : Right
  • Level 4 : Down/Right
  • Level 5 : Down
  • Level 6 : Down/Left
  • Level 7 : Left
  • Level 8 : Up/Left

Sound test:
Press Up, then hold I + II + Select at the title screen.

Fast mode:
Press Up, Down, Right, Right, I, I, II, Select, Run at the title screen. The number "2" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Hover mode:
Press Down, Up, Left, Left, II, II, I, Select, Run at the title screen. The number "3" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Press Jump during game play to hover.

Extra ammunition:
Use the following steps to obtain extra ammunition and weapons.

50 shotgun rounds
Climb a fence after your strength is at "2". Press Right + I + II.

50 bazooka rounds
Climb a fence after your strength is at "2". Press Left + I+ II.

10 flash bombs
Climb a barricade when your strength is at "1". Press Up + Right + Run + II.

10 super grenades
Climb a barricade when your strength is at "1". Press Down + Left + Run + II.

50 flame thrower charges
Hold Up + I + II and press Run when parachuting at the start of levels 2 or 5.

All items:
Rescue all of the prisoners in the trees on the prison camp stage. Move to the top left part of the stage and touch the top of the first seven trees on the left. A koala bear should crawl down from the trees. Climb the tree to hug him to obtain all of the items (including the Iron Cross of Luck)in the game.

Extra ammunition:
Shoot the lower left and right corners on the swap stage whenever you can no longer walk forward and must change directions.


Player's Guide


author: Dimetric Houston


Starting the Game
Tips, Tricks and Secrets


Hello all. This FAQ covers the game Bloody Wolf. Bloody Wolf is a game
made for the TurboGrafx-16. It is a good
old-school action game of a military nature.

This is my first FAQ, so if there is anything wrong with it, please let me


v 1.0 7-28-99
-First edition. Checked for grammar errors and ease of reading.
v 1.1 7-29-99
-Inserted Enemies section. Cleared up a missing box description.
v 1.2 7-29-99
-Inserted more tricks in Tips, Tricks, and Secrets. Corrected more typos
and did other editing.
v 1.3 8-1-99
-Updates Tips, Tricks, and Secrets.
v 1.4 8-30-99
-Edited format
v 1.5 9-22-99
-Took out some spoiler info
-More grammatical editing.
v 1.6 10-5-02
-updated Tips, Tricks,and Secrets section


The President's plane has been shot down and it's up to the special team
known as Bloody Wolf to rescue him.

Note: Although this is the storyline, the game takes up a slight twist in
the plot later on.


D-pad: Moves character
Button 1: For jumping (tap for a small jump, press for a longer jump) or
diving into the water to dodge an attack. Also used to advance
through message screens.
Button 2: Fires primary weapon
Select: Pause game
Run: Fires secondary weapon (also dismount from motorcycle)


When starting the game, you will need to choose which character you wish to
play. Both characters operate the same in combat, and there are no
differences between them gameplay-wise. Their sprites are a different color
and they say different things whenever most character dialog is present.

After choosing the character, you must enter a name. The max length is 5
letters. Use button 2 to enter a letter, and button 1 to go back if you make
an error. If you enter "AAAAA" as a name, the characters are auto-named
"Snake" and "Eagle."

Note: You have infinite continues


There are several normal type of enemies in Bloody Wolf. Below are their


Green--normal soldier. Carries single-shot weapon and grenades.

Red--the manual says they carry bayonets. I haven't seen any difference
between these and the green soldiers other than these soldiers always

Blue--these carry machine guns for rapid-fire ability

Kamikaze--yellow flashing soldiers. They will explode on contact. Use them
to blow up other enemies near them.

Armored--require a secondary weapon (not flash bomb) or knife to kill.

Scuba--only seen on stage 7. They stay underwater and approach. They surface
and then fire a single shot. You can see their snorkels when they are

Buoys--blue and white saucer-shaped enemies. They use two types of attack.

a. 8-way fire. Shoots in eight directions. Stationary buoys use this.

b. Electric beam. Moving buoys use these. Stationary buoys will use
them if you attempt to cross in front of the buoy.



There are two kinds of weapons in Bloody Wolf. I call them Primary and
Secondary weapons. The primary weapons are usually gun type weapons, while
the secondary weapons are usually thrown. The two types are described

PRIMARY WEAPONS: (use Button 2 to use. Description taken from the manual.
Comments are my own)

Knife--for close-in combat

Comment: You always have your knife; you can never lose it. Naturally you
have to be close to the enemy to use this weapon. It's best not to get into
a position requiring use of the knife, as you may likely get hit. However,
the knife is essential when fighting armored soldiers and you desire to
conserve ammo. In this case the knife is the only weapon that can kill

Machine Gun--fire away. You have an unlimited number of bullets.

Comment: No doubt the weapon you will be using the most. It has good range
but its power is not high. It works really well with the rapid fire set to
max. This is your main primary weapon. You start with it and when your other
primary weapons run out of ammo or you are killed, you will go back to this.

Shotgun--pellets spray in 7 directions, making this an ideal weapon when you
are surrounded by the enemy.

Comment: Not very strong, but its wide range is great. It's especially
useful in Mission 3 in the foliage area where soldiers come from all
directions (this is the case in most missions). Don't use the rapid fire
with this weapon--unless you are fighting a boss and don't mind losing the
weapon. A few well-placed shots will clear out any normal troops. The
shotgun will NOT work against armored soldiers.

Bazooka--outstanding destructive power. The explosion is so powerful it
blows away enemies in the surrounding area.

Comment: The best primary weapon you will get. The description is a little
misleading. The "surrounding area" is not that large. The enemies will
have to be really close together before you can kill several of them with
one shot. Still, the bazooka's power is what makes it so good. It can
kill the armored soldiers with one hit and can take out those annoying
buoys (the blue and white saucers) with a few shots (especially with rapid
fire on). If you want to conserve ammo, don't use rapid fire and try to
wait until the enemy bunches together so you can kill several with one hit.
The latter is a tad difficult in a pinch, so don't hesitate to let loose
if necessary.

SECONDARY WEAPONS: (use Run button to use. Description taken from the
manual. Comments are my own)

Hand Grenade--outstanding destructive power. Check frequently to see how
many you have left.

Comment: Good weapon. "Outstanding destructive power" may be misleading,
but this weapon is good nonetheless. Great for taking out groups of foes.
The range seems to be about the same as the machine gun. This is your main
secondary weapon. You start with 20 grenades and when your other secondary
weapons run out of ammo or you are killed, you will go back to the grenades.

Magnum Hand Grenade (called Powerful Grenades in the game)--much more
powerful than an ordinary hand grenade. Throw it into a
group of enemies and it's all over for the bad guys.

Comment: Oh yeah! Now THIS is what "outstanding destructive power" and
"surrounding area" are supposed to mean. The second-best secondary weapon in
the game. The explosion area is larger than a normal grenade and the
explosions linger for a second after the grenade goes off. This doesn't have
any additional effects however. Absolutely fantastic for taking out groups
of foes. Conserve as much as possible.

Flame Thrower--shoots a powerful burst of flame. Depending upon how you use
it, can also penetrate walls, buildings or other objects.

Comment: The best weapon in the game, period. Its main asset is that it
can penetrate ANY object, tremendously useful for hitting opponents behind
barricades. Now you say, "But the grenades can do the same thing." The
advantage of the flamethrower over the grenades (powerful or otherwise) is
that you have more control over the flamethrower, plus the range is MUCH
longer. With the grenades, you can overshoot an enemy--no chance of that
with the flamethrower. The flamethrower is also more powerful in that it is
continuous. As long as you are holding the Run button and have ammo, the
weapon goes off. Great continuos damage. When you get this weapon, don't
pick up any other secondary weapon until the flamethrower runs out of ammo
or is tremendously low (down to 10 or less ammo).

Flash Bomb--temporarily blinds the enemy and causes him to stop moving.

Comment: IMO, this is the least useful secondary weapon because it does no
damage. It only freezes the enemy for a short period of time. This weapon
does have one redeeming quality. It affects all enemies on the screen, but
because of your slow speed, far away enemies will have recovered by the time
you get in range. Unless you have the shotgun and are using the fast-running
trick, avoid this weapon. You may find this weapon useful on Mission 5.


This weapon didn't fit in either category

Motorcycle: Cool. The bike has a machine gun on it that you fire by
pressing button 2. The range on the gun is full screen (even
further than the flamethrower!) You can jump with the bike by
using button 1.

When on the bike, your life gauge is replaced by a fuel gauge. As you ride
the cycle, the fuel gauge will deplete. When the gauge is empty, the bike
will flash yellow for a few seconds. Dismount immediately because it will
explode. The fuel gauge is also depleted by enemy fire (grenades, gunfire,
etc). You can run over enemy solders without any loss to you--but a painful
loss for them ^_^.

You suffer no damage while on the bike. All damage is given to the bike in
the form of fuel loss.



All items except for Food and Muscle Emphasis Tablets are held in the 5
boxes on the upper right of the screen. You will find all items in boxes or
held by prisoners.

Key: Use this to open the boxes with the gray locks on them. It is possible
to open the locked boxes without the key, but it takes several knife
thrusts to do so.

Fins: Lets you swim faster in water. When you are in the water, pressing
the jump button makes you character go beneath the water surface.
Without the fins, you will move slightly faster when swimming
underwater. With the fins there is a dramatic speed increase.

WARNING: You can not take any action other than movement while swimming
underwater. You will automatically surface again in about 3 seconds. Be
careful of where you resurface.

Infrared Scope: Lets you see invisible infrared beams. This is used only
in the last stage, but can make you life a WHOLE lot easier.
There is only one place to get these, so don't miss them.

Rosary (called Rabbit's Foot in the game): An odd item. It can randomly
completely negate damage, thus saving you from a hit. As far as I can
tell, it only works once.

Body Armor: The manual says that it can reduce the damage caused by enemy
attacks. I haven't seen any difference when I used it.

Food: Restores one life bar. Appears in only one stage.

Medicine: Completely restores all life.

Muscle Emphasis Tablets: Politically correct term for steroids? Maybe not,
since it doesn't have any bad side effects ^_^.
Anyway, this item is very useful in that it gives
you an extra life bar, to a max of six.


This walkthrough will tell you what items are in the boxes, where they are
located and will give some boss strategies. It will also offer some info on
the stage if necessary. If there is a "--" under the building description,
you can not enter the building. Boss and Stage names are from the manual.


1st building:
-3 soldiers
-1 prisoner
-box (shotgun)

2nd building (yellow):

3rd building (silver, barricade in front):

4th building:
-locked box (muscle emphasis tablets)

5th building:
6th building: (yellow, barricade in front):
7th building: (orange, barrels in front):
8th building: (silver)
-- (you can't enter any of these four buildings)

9th building (orange):

boss 1
-box (bazooka)

exit to rest of stage

truck on right
-3 soldiers
-box (medicine)

boss 2


Boss 1

Shotgun Man: Easy boss. He will fire 7 shots in a wide range (just like your
shotgun). The size of his shotgun shots are much smaller than yours, so you
can squeeze through them easily. Just shoot him and avoid the gunfire. After
losing 3 life bars, he will summon help. Now armored soldiers will come out
from the bottom of the screen and stand in front of the boss. They don't
shoot at you, just stand there blocking your shots. You have to use your
knife or secondary weapon to kill them. Still easy. Kill the boss and move
on. The exit is on the right--go up into the black area on the wall.

Boss 2

Mega Sub: This can be tricky if you don't do it right. The sub is in the
water and you are on a small trip of land at the bottom of the screen. You
don't have to worry about falling into the water in front of you--you will
always stay on the strip of concrete. When the sub surfaces it will fire
several spread shots from its gun. Your machine gun or bazooka is best for
this boss. Stand under the larger part of the sub and fire away (use the
rapid fire on setting 3). Eventually the sub will sink into the water and
start moving. When it moves, it will fire three torpedoes at you. The
torpedoes will destroy a small portion of the ground you are standing on.
You can die by falling into the water from the destroyed ground. This is how
it is tricky. If you are in a bad position, you will find that you have much
less room to move around in to survive. This makes it nearly impossible to
dodge the gunfire from the sub.

So here is what you do. This assumes you go toward the left when you start
the battle. The sub will go toward the left side of the screen at the start.
Follow it and shoot it as you go. Stay under the larger part of the sub
opposite the gun) as much as possible. When it sinks into the water, go to
the extreme left side of the screen. The sub will fire the torpedoes. Now
jump to the right (long jump). One torpedo will destroy some land. The sub
will resurface and start firing again. Try to stay near the destroyed piece
of land as much as possible while dodging the gunfire and firing at the sub.
Eventually the sub will sink again and fire the torpedoes. Jump to the right
again. If you were properly positioned before jumping, the sub's torpedoes
will destroy the next piece of land close to the previously destroyed piece
of land. What you are doing is giving yourself room to move around and dodge
the gunfire, which is more dangerous than the torpedoes. Repeat this until
the sub is destroyed.


1st building:
-1 armored soldier
-2 boxes (grenade)
(powerful grenade)

There is a hostage in a tree. He has Fins.

2nd building:

3rd building: (at end of horizontal stretch)
-2 armored soldiers
-1 prisoner
-box (medicine)

after the third building, go up.

boss 1

After the boss, go up into the water. Check the Tips, Tricks, and Secrets
section for a special item in this area. Do this before going to the right.
Keep going up until you see the land then start going right. Near the end
here, you will go up again.

box (shotgun)
--this box is located before all the green foliage.

boss 2


Boss 1:

Flamethrower. This guy constantly fires shots from his shoulders and
possesses a flamethrower. This fight is tricky in that the flamethrower
covers the whole length of the screen and is very fast. Because of this, it
is hard to get close to the boss without getting hit. The boss holds the
flamethrower slightly to the left (your left) of his center. The boss moves
back and forth across the screen while firing. Try to get on the right side
of the flame, and use your weapons. The shotgun is not very useful here, but
use it if you have it. Range is what this fight is about. Use secondary
weapons somewhat conservatively, as another boss is coming up. Keep moving
with the boss while firing. If he gets to one side of the screen, you will
have to move onto the other side, thus crossing the flame. If you get a
sense of how he fires, you can adjust your movement ahead of time before
being cornered. Also, he will occasionally jump into the water. You can't
hurt him here so just wait for him to come back out before shooting him.

Boss 2:

Helicopter. You can only move left and right here, but that's enough for you
to kill this boss. The chopper fires four missiles which go toward where you
are presently standing. Also the chopper fires shots out of the gun at its
front. You can take a passive or aggressive approach with this boss.

The passive approach: Shoot the chopper when it is far away. Stay to the
side of its center and shoot its main body (not the wing missile units).
When the chopper gets really close to the ground get completely on one side
of it and fire diagonally and use grenades or whatever secondary weapon you
have. Dodge between the gun shots.

The aggressive approach. Get in the center of the boss and fire away. When
it fires its missiles, time a long jump straight up (press button 1, do not
tap it) so that the missiles have exploded beneath you when you come down.
The timing on the jump should be when the missiles are close to your
character. Practice until you get it. When the chopper gets really close to
the ground, get completely to one side and shoot diagonally and use your
secondary weapon. Stay close to pack as much damage as possible before the
chopper gun shoots. Dodge between gun shots and continue the assault.


There is only one boss on this stage

Box (Powerful Grenade)

Near the end of the horizontal stretch you must go up. Logs will start
rolling toward you. Just jump over them (they will damage you if they hit
you). You can stay to one side of the screen for relative safety if your
jumping skills are not good.

Cave (immediately after barricade)
-2 armored soldiers)
-2 boxes (flame thrower)

7th cave (next to last cave on the horizontal stretch. When you reach it,
logs will start rolling from the top of the screen.

-3 soldiers (one is an armored soldier)
-2 prisoners
-1 locked box (flash bomb)

Cave after logs (next to ladder)
-4 soldiers (one is armored)
-1 prisoner
-box (medicine)




Sniper: This boss totes a powerful laser gun and is a nuisance because you
can only hurt him while he is jumping. Also, there are holes in the bridge
that you can fall through and thus die. Patience is the name of this fight.
The boss will charge his laser cannon for 3 seconds, the fire it. You have
to jump over the laser shots. If you shoot the boss while he is still on the
ground, he will just block your shots with his gun. Not even secondary
weapons will harm him while he is still on the ground. You may find yourself
in a situation where it is impossible to get to him in time before he
reaches the ground from a jump. This would be due to staying a safe distance
so that he doesn't land on you. The place you want to stand is on the middle
area of the bridge (between the holes). Your moments to get the boss will be
when he jumps to the extreme right or left side of the bridge. For example,
when the fight starts, get on the middle area of the bridge. If the boss
fires his gun, just jump straight up over the shot(s). The boss will jump
to the left side of the screen. Start firing to the left. You will notice he
will be hit about a split second before or after touching the ground. This
is the vulnerable moment you will need to take advantage of whenever he
jumps. You can not stay on the same bridge area with the boss, or you will
suffer damage continuously. When the boss jumps to the middle bridge area
jump to the opposite side and just wait it out (dodging his laser blasts)
until you can get back to the middle.


There is only one boss on this stage.

When the stage starts, you must climb the rock wall in front of you. During
this time enemy paratroops while come down and occasionally fire at you. You
can't retaliate. Just dodge the shots. Stay to one side of the screen while
you climb (I climb on the right side). After a few tries of this you will
get a feel for when the troops will fire and be able to adjust yourself

1st building:
-8 soldiers
-1 locked box (muscle emphasis tablets)

2nd building:
-3 soldiers
-5 prisoners
-3 boxes (grenades)

Note: Before entering the 2nd building, if you move past it just a little,
motorcyclists will come at you. One comes from the top of the screen, the
other comes from the right, just in front of building 2. Kill one of them
and take the bike inside the building with you. Use the bike strategy.

In the asylum, stay to one side of the screen while going up. Move slowly
so the enemies don't gang up on you. Kill the flame-throwing enemies on your
side with either grenades or guns. You want to conserve grenades here,
however. Inch up slowly after you kill the flame-throwing guys. There will
be a line of troops with an armored soldier in the middle. Use a grenade on
the armored soldier then just blast the troops. You will notice some wall
structures near this line of troops. Move up just enough so that you can see
the soldiers on top of the wall structures. Use grenades to kill the
soldiers on the wall tops that toss grenades at you. Now keep going up. You
will see a gray soldier. These guys take tons of punishment before dying
(it takes two grenades to kill them), so put the rapid fire setting to max
and blast away. If you followed the above advice, you will only have to deal
with the gray soldier, else you will have to deal with him, plus the
grenade-throwing enemies as well. A few more flame-throwing enemies are past
the gray soldier. Kill them (you should be able to shoot them without using
grenades, but at this point it doesn't matter).




Boss: Yep, that's his name--according to the manual anyway. A prisoner calls
him the High Commander. Whatever. This boss is actually pretty simple--the
one catch is that you can only use your knife. He disables your other
weapons (primary and secondary). Yeah, you have to get nasty close to him to
hurt him. Put the rapid fire up to max. The boss will hop around the screen,
firing large blasts from his cannon and releasing boomerangs in eight
directons. You can knife the boomerangs to get rid of them. The boss holds
his gun just like the Flame Thrower boss in stage 2. Stay slightly to the
right (your right) of the gun and knife the boss. Just follow the boss
around the screen while knifing him. He uses a clockwise jumping pattern.

After you drain his life, he will leave. Go talk to the President (the slim
gray-clothed fellow which was next to the boss' starting position). He will
follow you. Now you have to go back to the start of the stage. Things are
really hairy now as you still just have only your knife. At least your life
is refilled after talking to the President. So now just go back the way you

Soldiers will come after you the moment you go out of the boss room. Don't
stop for anything. They have range and you don't. Just keep moving. The
President can not be harmed or left behind, so don't worry about him. You
just have to cover your own neck here. Grenades may help you if you time
them correctly, but you will be moving so much that you will barely have a
chance to get the distance calculated. When you get to a row of three
armored soldiers, you are near the end of this stage.

At the point where you climbed the wall, the game will take over. The
President will be rescued. Unfortunately the chopper has no more room, so
you are left behind and captured by the enemy.

NOTE: If you ran far ahead of the President, when you get to this point,
your character will just stand in place. There is nothing wrong, so DON'T
turn your game off! The President will eventually catch up with you. It
can be 7-10 seconds before he finally catches up with you if you ran far
ahead of him.

Now comes the twist in the game I spoke of earlier. You now take control of
the other character and must rescue the one you were previously using.
Whatever equipment your previous character had is lost.


There is one boss on this stage. However, the goal is not to kill the boss,
but to rescue the 12 hostages. The boss guards some hostages, so that is why
he must be killed.

You will start the stage in water. There are hostages at the top and bottom
of this stage. There are two hostages at the bottom. My suggestion is that
you go straight to the boss. If he kills you, you will have start the stage
over and re-rescue all the hostages you rescued before being killed. So kill
the boss now and save yourself a lot of work.

This stage is one big "area," so I have numbered the buildings starting from
the upper-left most building of the stage. Using this system, the buildings
go from left to right, then down.

1st building:
-3 soldiers (one is armored)
-3 boxes (shotgun)
(flame thrower)

2nd building: (small)

3rd building:
-3 prisoners
-box (medicine)

4th building:
-7 kamikaze soldiers (shoot the one near you and watch the fireworks ^_^)
-1 prisoner
-2 boxes (flash bomb)

5th building: (below building four)
-1 gray soldier
-1 prisoner
-2 boxes (muscle emphasis tablets)
(powerful grenade)



Knife Killer: Again, you can only use your knife, but it's a little fairer
this time. Knife Killer jumps around the screen and attacks with his knife.
He can do a standing stab or a moving stab. In the moving stab, he moves
forward for a bit with his knife out. This is the attack to watch out for.
He is faster than you because of his jumping. His strategy is to get in
front of you and jab you with the knife. If you manage to avoid the jab(s),
at some point of moving around he will do the moving stab. There is a
somewhat tedious pattern to beating him, but it works. Set the rapid fire to
max. One thing about Knife Killer is that if he gets in front of you he will
NOT move while you are thrusting your knife. So if you need a breather, just
get in front of him when he is moving (not jumping) and jab away.

Now, Knife Killer seems to have a counter to my method, but just read on.
Get in the middle of the screen and start stabbing in front of the boss. He
will sit there. If you stab for quite a while, he will do a single stab
which won't hurt you because you are out of range. Now move up or down
towards the upper or lower left of the screen. Knife Killer will move with
you. Turn around and start stabbing again. He won't move. Now move in the
opposite vertical direction (e.g. if you went toward the upper left, move
toward the lower left). Keep moving up and down and doing those continuous
stabs toward the boss. At some point he will do his moving stab. Now is when
you can get him. Quickly get below or above him and stab him. You will see
his "got hit" animation. Now quickly get away and get some range between you
and him. You may be on the other side of him by now. Repeat the pattern
above, changing directions as you see fit. If the boss starts jumping around
you can get a hit in, but it's more risky because you risk touching him (you
take damage if you touch him). It is still a worthy effort though.

Prisoner locations: (not the prisoners in the buildings)

South side of water (bottom of stage):
-there is a prisoner on the extreme lower left and lower right of the stage

North side of water (where the buildings are located):
-there is a prisoner below building 5
-find a prisoner on the left side of the screen, up a bit from the water.
Just go toward the left side and when you reach the edge, go up. You will
see him eventually.

-1 prisoner near building 1 on the tree

-1 prisoner above building 3 (again, on the tree)

-1 prisoner near building 4 (on the tree, this one has fins)


There is only one boss on this stage

1st building:
-1 prisoner
-6 boxes (I have numbered them as follows)

1. Infra-red scope (get this) 2. Shotgun 3. Bazooka

4. Muscle emphasis tablets 5. Flame thrower 6. Powerful grenade

Conserve your weapons and head directly up toward the raft. Just shoot what
is in your way.

The raft moves to the right really fast. You will control only your
character. The raft moves on its own. Soldiers will come from the top and
bottom of the screen. Soldiers from the top of the screen will either land
on the raft or in the water (guess they mistimed the jump ^_^ ). Soldiers on
the bottom of the screen will either shoot at you or jump on the raft. The
soldiers that shoot at you are the dangerous ones, as you may get cornered
trying to avoid the shots. You can shoot the soldiers, but you are moving so
fast your shots may mostly miss. Watch your raft carefully. While you may be
trying to shoot the land troops, an enemy may have made it onto your raft
and hit you.

2nd building: (after raft)
-4 soldiers (2 kamikaze)
-2 boxes (key)




Rolling Thunder. This is a tank with three guns--a main cannon and two
smaller guns. One small gun is to the left of the cannon, the other is to
the right of the cannon. The tank will move constantly back and forth across
the top middle of the screen. You are stuck on the bottom. The cannon
usually does not fire until you have crossed it's path or are in its line of
fire, although it may also fire when the tank goes to the end of the screen
and starts moving back. The strategy here is to stay to the left or right of
the cannon while you shoot the tank. The smaller guns will release a volley
of shots at you. Dodge between the shots and keeping shooting the tank.
Powerful grenades work wonders here. The Flame Thrower is also good (isn't
it always?)

Starting strategy. If the above sounds too vague, let me be more
descriptive. The tank starts from the right side of the screen and moves
toward the left side. Put your character on the right side of the main
cannon as soon as you can and start shooting the tank. The main cannon will
point in your general direction. Don't get in front of it. Keep moving with
the tank while shooting it. When the tank reaches the left side of the
screen, the main cannon may fire. Now you can either get on the left side of
the cannon (in which case it will shoot), or stay on the right side while
the tank moves back toward the right side of the screen. Your main concern
will be dodging the gun shots from the smaller guns. They can't be
destroyed; you will destroy the whole tank when you drain its life.


Fins are really useful for this stage. The marshes are black, so you will
not be able to see where you are if you dive underwater. Be careful. With
the fins, you may find yourself a good way from where you expect to be until
you get a feel for the movement, so keep a watchful eye.

The Flame Thrower is absolutely great to have here because of the scuba
troops. Normally you can not kill them until they surface (you can see their
snorkels though). The flame thrower can kill them while they are still

1st building:
-5 soldiers
-1 prisoner
-1 box (bazooka)
-1 locked box (body armor)

2nd building: (after marshes)
-2 boxes (grenade)

3rd building:
-5 soldiers
-1 prisoner
-1 box (flame thrower)
-1 locked box (muscle emphasis tablets)




Gun Boat: Quite a bit of stuff comes at you here. You want to shoot the red
house-structure on the boat, so position your character close under that
part. The gun on the left side of the boat should not pose a problem, unless
you are not close enough to the red house thing on the boat. Scuba troops
will come at you (you will see their snorkels) from the surrounding area.
They will come a distance, then surface and shoot. Also, a man pops out of
the red house thing on the boat and fires a missile at you. Things will go
really easy if you have the flame thrower. Flame the scuba troops and blast
the boat. You can dive underwater (use the jump button) to avoid the missile
the man shoots, but this gives the scuba troops time to close in on you.
Still, this is an effective method of staying near the boat. Actually,
diving under the water is the only way to dodge the missile, as the marshes
slow your movement too much. With the flame thrower, when you resurface,
just flame away the scuba troops and get back to business.

If you don't have the flame thrower, you will have to do quick movement to
get those annoying scuba troops so you will have room and time to dodge the
missile from the boat.


This is the final stage. It has four bosses--well, three and an unexpected
one. The stage has some length to it, so conserve weapons where necessary.

If you have the Infra-red scope, you will be able to see the infra-red
beams. There is a simple method of getting past the first infrared trap
part, even without the scope. Just keep jumping to the left. Just don't stop
and the trap doors won't have a chance to get you.

Cyclists appear on this stage (one comes from the lower left soon after the
stage starts, so try to grab a bike.

1st truck
-7 armored soldiers
-1 prisoner (gives Rosary/Rabbit's Foot)

2nd truck (at the end of the horizontal stretch)
-6 soldiers
-2 prisoners
-1 locked box (muscle emphasis tablets)

box after 2nd truck


-4 prisoners

The second volley of trap doors emerges. Things are a little trickier here
because of the buoys which fire the electric beams. Having to deal with the
trap doors and the buoys can be frustrating. Here is a little help. When you
start this part, a buoy will be coming from the right in the middle of the
screen. Use your weapons to kill it. The machine gun actually shines here
due to range. When you kill the buoy, go toward the bottom of the screen and
then move right. In the next section of infra-beams, a buoy will approach at
the bottom of the screen. Since you are already here, quickly line yourself
up with the buoy and blast it until it explodes. Now get toward the top of
the screen slightly above the middle of the screen and go right. A third
buoy will approach just slightly above the middle of the screen. Quickly
line up and blast away.


Gray soldier corridor

Now you will be in a narrow corridor. Get in the middle of it and move up
slowly. Eventually you will see a gray soldier. Start zapping away (rapid
setting at max). After him, get to the left or right side of the corridor
and go up. Two gray soldiers will appear. Blast one (try not to use
grenades--you will see why later) and hopefully kill one before they get too
close, then kill the other one while staying in the lower portion of the
screen. DO NOT start moving up trying to avoid this soldier. Kill it. You
can move up some, but try not to get into a position where you will
continuously have to do this. This will be difficult, yes, but if you don't
you will be VERY sorry later. After killing him, get to the left or right
side of the corridor again and move up. Three gray soldiers will appear.
Grenade the one directly in front of you. Now quickly move in line with one
of the others and either grenade him or shoot him until he's dead. Again,
kill these soldiers without moving up too much. After killing them, get to
the left or right side or the corridor again and go up, SLOWLY. You will now
see FIVE gray soldiers. NOW use grenades. Absolutely use them here. Proper
positioning will allow you to hit three gray soldiers with one grenade, so
this will make life much easier. Now keep going up and you will see flame
throwing enemies. If you still have grenades, use them, but there are about
8 or more of these enemies and they are positioned so that you have to kill
them or else get roasted by the fire. If you want to conserve grenades you
can shoot diagonally to kill the enemies. The moving enemies make this
method a little difficult to do in a timely manner.

Boss (it has a capital "B". Hint as to who this is)



Boss 1:

Rolling Thunder: This is like stage 6 except for the additional hazard of
falling rocks. Whenever the boss fires it main cannon, rocks will fall from
the ceiling when the rocket from the cannon explodes on the ground. The
rocks can hurt you. You can use the same strategy like in stage 6, but it
will require much more movement this time. The stage 6 strategy is
especially good because you don't want that main cannon firing too much.
Dodging the gunfire is hard enough. As much as possible, you want to avoid
making that main gun fire. This Rolling Thunder is more hyper with its main
cannon however. It WILL fire when it reaches the edge of the screen.
Crossing its path sets it off too.

Boss 2:

Knife Killer: Oh man, this is the biggest joke ever. Don't even break a
sweat. In fact, get the laughing can out. Why? You have your gun this time.
Shoot the boss one time and he's dead. That's it. One shot. You may even
kill him before his life meter fully appears. Ha ha!

Talk to the prisoners after killing the boss. One of them gives some rather
disturbing news.

Boss 3: (this "boss" isn't listed in the manual)

This fight is tricky! The boss has one supreme advantage--speed. He's fast
and uses three attacks. A knife rush (like Knife Killer's moving stab but
much, much faster, plus it goes full screen), a bazooka, and a powerful
grenade. What's worse is that you have to do this fight using only your
knife. If you get close to him, he will do fast knife jabs (not as fast as
your rapid fire knifing). This is his attack pattern.

-Knife rush

-Four bazooka shots

-Powerful Grenade

This fight requires some serious finger dexterity, and good judgement of
position. Because of your range handicap, you will have to do what I would
call "passing hits." In this, you will let the enemy run by you and you
strike him when he passes you. Your opportunity to hit the enemy is during
the knife rush. When charges at you, get out of the way and hit him when he
comes by. Now QUICKLY move away as fast as possible. After you hit him, he
will pause momentarily and then charge at you again with another knife rush.
It is often this second rush that will get you because you will still be
relatively close to him. After you knife him, start moving away. When the
second rush comes at you, turn in another direction (this will usually be
close to 90 degrees from your current direction). Get away from him and move
around while avoiding the bazooka shots and the grenade. The boss will move
and fire in a way to try to corner you so that the explosions will damage
you or his knife rush can get you, so try to avoid getting near a corner
where not much movement will be allowed.

If you want to be aggressive, you can try to approach him between bazooka
shots, but this is EXTREMELY difficult. He has a faster than split-second
pause between shots. If you are too slow, he will knife you.

After you drain his life, he will fall. Go talk to him (place your character
at the boss' head to start the conversation). Now you will control your
original character. All equipment will be swapped over, except for life and

Now proceed up to fight the final boss.

Final Boss:

This boss has two forms. In the first form he will just circle around the
screen clockwise, firing the blasts from his cannon and stopping to release
his 8-way boomerangs. The boomerangs will go off the screen. The only tricky
part here is the boomerangs. You can get a feel for when the boss will fire,
(he will fire the first time when he reaches the left side of the screen--at
9 o'clock). When he releases the boomerangs, knife the ones in your way and
keep track of which ones you got. In time the boomerangs will return on the
screen. They will come back in exactly the line in which they left, so if
you got any with your knife, stay in that area so that when they return,
you won't get hit (or are at least able to move with relative safety).

After you take off three life bars, the boss will jump off the screen and go
into his second form.

Now things get hard. You will notice I have used "tricky" throughout this
FAQ in describing somewhat difficult situations. This fight, however, is
just plain hard. In this form, the boss will have illusions of himself going
all across the screen. Occasionally the real boss will appear and fire a
shot a you, or release boomerangs in lesser cases. The fast movement of the
boss and his shots makes this fight a real hazard. There is one slight
"safe" spot on the screen. At the bottom of the screen is a panel of
squares. If you stand on the upper right-most square, this is about the
safest place you can be. Here you have less chance of actually touching the
boss. He can still hit you with his gun., although sometimes his timing
prevents it. You will still have to move about, but try to stay on that
spot. Jumping doesn't help you avoid anything, but can be useful in covering
distance. I know at one point when the boss approaches from the diagonal
on the left (not exactly at the diagonal we know, but a little below it), he
will hit the bottom of the screen and then go up toward the right (the
movement makes a V pattern). Here is a point where you will need to move
completely away from the "safe" point so that he doesn't hit you with his
body. Watch for the gun too. There isn't any pattern here. Have a quick eye
so that you can see from where the boss comes. Grenades won't be very
helpful at all, but if you see opportunity to use them, go ahead. Let it all
out here. When the boss first goes into this second form of combat, he will
first approach from the lower left and go straight across to the lower
right. Get some free hits in (he won t shoot for this first time).

After you kill him, proceed upward. Now you will be in another corridor of
sorts. There is a big hole in the floor and enemy soldiers are on both
sides. Choose a side to go up and wipe out anything in your way. Dodge
them if you don't feel like killing them. Even if you die, you can continue
here. You won't have to fight the boss again. Your goal is to get to the top
of the area.

At the top , the game will take over. Now sit back and enjoy the ending.
The ending varies depending on who you chose at the start of the game.



Note: 1 and 2 stand for buttons 1 and 2 respectively.

When you are hit, you are momentarily invincible.

Do not use grenades too close to prisoners or boxes. You will destroy them
and miss valuable info and items.

Bike Strategy:

You want to get the longest use out of a bike that you can--the
invincibility is invaluable. Whenever you can nab a bike do so. You can
take bikes inside of buildings, trucks, and caves (where most prisoners
are). Just drive the bike into these areas. Once inside, dismount and fight
the soldiers, open the boxes, and rescue prisoners. Once done, remount and
leave. This conserves precious fuel. Whenever a new bike comes along,
dismount your current one and get the new one. All bikes start with a full
fuel tank.

Stage Select:

You can find this trick at GameSages (

Sound Test:

When the title screen appears, press UP then hold button 2 and SELECT
simultaneously. Button 1 plays the sound. Press UP or down on the control
pad to change the sound number.

Extra weapons:

a. When your character's strength is at 2, climb up a fence or truck, etc.,
and for 50 shotgun shots press RIGHT, 1, and 2 simultaneously. For 50
Bazooka shots, press LEFT, 1, and 2, simultaneously.

Note: Don't climb all the way up the truck, etc. Just climb enough so that
your character is still in the "climbing" pose.

b. When your character's strength is at 1, on a barricade, press UP-RIGHT
(diagonal), RUN, and button 2 simultaneously for 10 flash bombs. For 10
powerful grenades, press DOWN-LEFT(diagonal), RUN, and button 2

Note: You may some of these tricks easier by setting the rapid fire switch
up a notch or two.

For the barricade trick, jump into the barricade so that your character can
not move (you will have to jump to get out). Your character should not move
out of the barricade while you enter the directions.

c. When parachuting down at the beginning of Rounds 2 and 5, press UP, 1,2,
and RUN simultaneously. If done correctly, you will receive 50 rounds of
flamethrower ammo.

Note: I've found it extremely hard to get the above trick to work. It may
require pressing the buttons and pad several times to make it work. Keep
trying. Doing this trick also activates Fast Mode.

Fast Mode: (Bloody Wolf 2)

When the title screen appears, press: UP, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, 1,2,2, SELECT,
THEN RUN. A "2" will appear in place of the shield on the title screen right
before the game starts. This makes your man run faster.

Hover Mode: (Bloody Wolf 3)

When the title screen appears, press: DOWN, UP, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, 2,2,1,
SELECT, THEN RUN. A "3" will appear in place of the shield on the title
screen right before the game starts. Now when you press jump, your character
will hover.

Note: Hover Mode has Fast Mode included in it.

WARNING: Using Fast and Hover Mode also speeds up the bosses. This won't
usually pose a problem until the third boss of Mission 8. The boss will now
be so fast that he can actually teleport. If you hover, he will hover as
well. You can still use the "passing hit" strategy, just watch for the
teleporting. Heck, the last boss is easier than this fellow using these

Koala bear: (item and life fill-up)

On Mission 5, go to Building 1 and kill all the enemies. Don't pick up any
of the items in the boxes. Now exit the building and go into the trees
behind the building. You want to climb the 4th tree from the left. It is
one of the dim trees. Climb it until you can't go any further, then just
sit there. After a while, a koala bear will appear on the tree next to you.
Leave the tree and climb the other one to get the bear (it won't leave).
This will give you six life bars, and all the items (the ones in the boxes
in the upper right of the screen). Apparently there is another one in
Mission 8 (the prisoners should tell you of it although I've never seen

99 ammo bag: Thanks to Michelle(

quoted verbatim:

"i was reading your Bloody Wolf FAQ at gamefaqs and didnt c the infinite
ammo bag secret n e where Its in stage 2 after the first boss all the way to
the top left in the corner of the water. It gives you 99 ammo for your
"secondary" weapon. its not infinite but its as much as u can get. When u
die though it resets."


God--for the strength, life, and intellect to do this FAQ.
GameSages--the level select trick
Data East--for making the game (do they even remember they made it?)
TurboPlay--Hover and Fast Mode tricks, Extra weapons tricks, and Sound
Justin Hoyer--Koala bear trick
Michelle( --for the infinite ammo trick

Note: TurboPlay was a magazine dedicated to the Turbografx. It naturally did
not run for very long since the system did not last long.

I hope you have enjoyed this FAQ. If you have any comments, corrections,
additions, etc. please e-mail me and let me know. All credit will be given
where due.

Dimetric Houston

The End