Bomber Man

Cheat mode:
Obtain a score of 300 points as a high score. Wait until the title screen begins to appear after the first demonstration sequence. At the point where the clouds appear before the title screen, hold Down + Select + I + II. Keep the buttons held and press Run when the menu appears. A level and power-up select menu will appear.

Level select:
Enter BOMLEVELS as a password.

Maximum power-ups:
Enter RUHNGSEY as a password for level 5-4 or UXAFSOKH for level 8-8 to begin game play with full power-ups.

Sound test:
Enter BOMSOUND as a password, then select the "End" option. Enter MWFWJQYY as a password, and select the "End" option again. "Sound-00" will be displayed to confirm correct code entry. Press Run to play the current sound, II to jump to the next sound, or I to return to the previous sound.


Level 2-3 : MOYAESTP
Level 2-8 : RUYHITPP
Level 3-3 : ROCCNOZC
Level 3-5 : RAHNQHZC
Level 4-2 : RUNANMPS
Level 4-3 : ROCCNNZV
Level 5-2 : MKONVWVH
Level 5-4 : MXECVLTK
Level 6-1 : MXECPSCY
Level 6-5 : MBAAINCY
Level 6-6 : MBNAINTY
Level 7-1 : RAOYQNEV
Level 7-4 : UCOZONTN
Level 8-1 : MORAPHPP
Level 8-4 : RAZZPONN
Level 8-7 : MKKAPBRK
Level 8-8 : UWAFTHKH