Cloud Master

Defeating the Bosses:

Round One: Mt. Gogzo- The Phoenix
If possible, use the Three-Way Shot and aim for the beak.

Round Two: The Koh River- Kappa
When fighting Kappa, aim for the red blinking spot on his head.
Avoid the lightning bolts by continually moving up and down.

Round Three: The Great Wall- The Giant Buddah
When fighting the Giant Buddah, aim for the red blinking dot
above his sunglasses.

NOTE: Try to get as close to his face as you can, while moving
back and forth.

Round Four: Mt. Tai- The Dragon
If possible, use the Double Red Bullet and aim for the red spot
on his head.

Round Five: The Buddah's Heaven- Shogun
To defeat Shogun, shoot at the white blinking spot on his body.