Darkwing Duck

Table of Contents
1) Story
2) Items
3) Tuskerninni
4) Moliarty
5) Megavolt
6) Steelbeak

1) Story
Steelbeak has gathered some of the most devious criminals in St. Canard to help
him take over the city. They are planning on building the ultimate crime
weapon. The only clue you have as to their plan are pictures of the criminals
looking at stolen paintings. J. Gander Hooter and the rest of S.H.U.S.H. need
Darkwing’s help in bringing the criminals to justice. The objective of the game
is to collect 12 puzzle pieces in the first three levels; 11 in the level, and
one by beating the boss. You must then solve a moving puzzle and then go after

Easy Mode Walkthrough

2) Items
Red Gas Pellets: Confusing Gas
Green Gas Pellets: Sleeping Gas
Orange Gas Pellets: Knock Out Gas
D Symbol: Extra Life
C Symbol: Extra Continue

3) Name: Tuskerninni
SHUSH ID: RR-82787
**Warning** Armed and Dangerous
Deranged Thespian known to travel with a band of equally bad penguins.
*You can get a lot of extra continues in the sewers by getting two of them by
bouncing off of enemies to reach them, die, and then repeating.*

From the start grab the gas pellets and try to make the tricky jump to get the
D symbol by bouncing off of the gas pellets. Then begin climbing up the slanted
road and collect puzzle pieces. You will have to jump over the green ramps that
get in your way. You won’t get attacked by penguins until after the second
puzzle piece. They will skateboard at you and occasionally jump. Defeat them by
either shooting a gas pellet at them (sleeping gas preferably). Further up, you
will see a floating egg. Grab it and the sleeping gas pellets and invincibility
to your left. While you are invincible, run as far as you can. You should get
two more puzzle pieces before you reach the top of the road. Get the two pieces
at the top of the road and to your left will be Tuskerninni. Watch out for the
manhole and wait for him to do a cannonball in. Jump over the manhole and
collect the puzzle piece behind where Tuskerninni was standing and then jump
into the manhole. In the sewers, head right and wait for the water to stop
running. Jump through to get the egg and then shoot the Eggman. Wait for the
next water to stop running and then quickly get through and shoot another
Eggman. Collect the egg, gas pellet, and puzzle piece. Jump over the pit to the
right and grab the bomb to kill the Eggman next to the drain. Jump through the
drain opening when the water stops and watch out for the eggman. Run right to
collect the next puzzle piece, jump across the pit and get the last piece. Now
on to the boss.

Boss: Tuskerninni
Tuskerninni will start by knocking sandbags down from the top of the screen and
before they hit the ground, roll down on the floor at you. To beat him, jump
him when he rolls at you and then either shoot him with all of your ammo if you
saved some, or jump on his head. If you’re quick, you can jump on his head and
bounce up and down. You can get around three hits this way. Repeat this until
Tuskerninni goes down. After you win, a puzzle piece will be yours.

4) Name: Moliarty
SHUSH ID: RR-21690
**Warning** Armed and Dangerous
Controls a fleet of giant pill bugs and known to carry a bazooka.
This area is really dark. From the start, head right and watch out for the
Eggman, bat, and weasel. Walk right until you fall into a hole and to the
floor. Right above you should be a platform rising up and down. Jump on it and
ride it up to a non-moving platform. Jump on it and onto another moving
platform. Ride it back up to the top and collect the puzzle piece and the 1000
point bonus. Head right and try to bounce off of a bat or Eggman to get the
floating goodies. Further right will be a spider that lowers and tries to shoot
you. Right past the spider is another hole in the floor. Try to jump over it.
If not, to the left will be a platform moving left. Jump onto it and across the
pit and climb the same moving platforms back up that you did earlier and try
again. On the other side of the hole is a puzzle piece and a 5000 point bonus
if you can bounce off an enemy and get it. Keep heading right and you will see
a 1000 point bonus floating in the air. There is a hole underneath it. Jump
over the hole and then jump to the right and collect the puzzle piece. Keep
jumping on the blue spots while heading right to make sure you don’t hit a
hole. Eventually, Moliarty will pop out of the ground and shoot a missile at
you. Avoid him and keep heading right. Soon after, you will fall down a hole
and land on the floor again. Run to the right and jump the across the pit. Go
to the far right and jump to a moving platform. When you go up, time your jump
so you hit the platform moving left and right. When it reaches far right, jump
into the air and to the ground to the right. Jump on the platform going up.
Jump and shoot the spider to the right and then take the platform above to the
top of the level to get a puzzle piece. Head left to get two puzzle pieces and
then head back. Take the platform back down and then jump over to where the
spider was to enter the next area. Get the two puzzle pieces and bash the two
eggmen. A eggman riding a slug will enter the screen. Jump over the front of
the slug and bounce off of the eggman. If you touch the front of the slug, you
will be killed instantly. Dodge the bat afterwards and deal with another slug.
Jump over the next slug and get a puzzle piece. When the next slug comes,
bounce off of the eggman’s head to get the high puzzle piece. Keep fighting
your way through the slugs to reach Moliarty.

Boss: Moliarty
Moliarty will travel back and forth underground and then pop up to shoot his
bazooka at you. Jump over him when he travels and then when he pops up, try to
jump over his bazooka and bounce off his head. Try to get two bounces off and
then dodge him. After several bounces, Moliarty will go down and another puzzle
piece will be yours.

5) Name: Megavolt
SHUSH ID: GR-112262
**Warning** Armed and Dangerous
Suspect armed with high voltage electrical powers. Suspect able to discharge
electricity from finger tips.
Head right and take the moving platform up in the air. Jump to the platform to
the left and then to the first puzzle piece. Head right to collect the next
puzzle piece and then avoid the Eggman. Climb the two moving platforms and
collect the egg at the top. Jump up to the platform to the close right and get
another egg at the top. Jump right and fall to get the next puzzle piece. When
you hit the ground, Megavolt will slide across the wire above you and shoot
bolts. Run back to the left and avoid his shots while trying to climb back up
the platforms. You will have to make a jump to a platform moving back and forth
and then to the next puzzle piece. On the next moving platform, fall and get
the next piece. Head back to the left and jump over the small blue fence. Don’t
touch it or you will die. Head back up to the high platforms and cross them
until you get on one that move over one moving up and down. Jump down to it but
be careful not to fall a little to the left to avoid the fence. To the right
jump over the two spinning metal vents to get two more puzzle pieces. Jump up
to the next moving platform up, jump to the next and collect some gas pellets.
Drop back to the floor and jump up to the next platform. At the top, get the
puzzle piece and jump over the blue fence while watching for the vent on the
ground. Get the gas pellets and egg between them and jump over then next vent.
Head right and jump between two more vents to get a puzzle piece. Next take a
platform up and jump to the one going right. Jump down to get the D symbol in
the air. Jump over the blue fence and shoot the eggman on top of the door. Jump
over and get the puzzle piece by jumping from the platform up to it. Jump from
that same platform over to the next door. Jump over to the platform going left
and right and up to the last puzzle piece. Head right to the boss.

Megavolt will start at the top of the screen recharging his energy, and then he
will jump down and shoot two balls of energy at you, the first high and the
second low. Don’t worry about the energy. The second he hits the ground, jump
on his head twice and you will miss the energy balls. Repeat this when he lands
again several times and the final puzzle piece is yours.

Solve the puzzle to find out that the picture is the Mona Ducka? When you put a
piece in the right place, you cannot move it again. Attached to this
walkthrough is a picture of what it looks like when it’s complete.

6) Name: Steelbeak
SHUSH ID: CR-113061
**Warning** Armed and Dangerous
F.O.W.L. agent #1. Always travels with a group of armed bodyguards called
From the start, wait until the compactor is on it’s way up and then run by it.
Go to the right of the conveyer belt first if you like to collect mass bonus
points and a D symbol. Jump to the conveyor belt and climb it up to the right
and then jump to the one up and left. Climb it and then jump to the platform
above. Jump across the platforms to the left and make the extra jump to get the
1000 bonus points if you like. (If you want to get to this area faster, jump on
top of the compactor before it goes up. Climb the next conveyer belt and jump
across the platforms. Be careful of the last one because it moves super fast.
On the other side is an elevator which will take you up to the next part of the
level. Head right and jump on the moving platform, but watch out for the
falling trash. Grab the invincibility icon and jump on the compactor and then
when it rises, jump to the upper left. Take the platform up and jump on the
edge to your right. Watch out for the cannon and jump on the next platform and
take it to the top. Go across the conveyer belt, fall and head left while
avoiding the cannons. Fall left onto a ledge and you will see a platform moving
left and right. Take it to the right while avoiding the falling trash. Jump to
the elevator and fall of it to the right and get the ammo. Climb up the ledges
while watching out for the cannons and you will see Moliarty handling a lever.
Take the platform up and jump on him to defeat him. Drop back down to the start
of this room, take the platform back across, cross the conveyor belt and enter
the elevator. In the next room, head all the way to the far right while being
careful of the conveyor belts and compactors. Trash Megavolt by jumping on him
Take the compactor to your left up and jump to the left platform. Climb the
platforms left, then up, and then right to the elevator to the next room. In
the next room, walk under the compactor and jump the pit. Walk onto the ledge
to the right and jump across the platform while dodging trash from the ceiling.
Take the elevator up but watch out for cannon fire. When you reach the top, if
you can, drop and get the D symbol. Climb back up to where you fell from. Wait
until the trash falls and jump across the pit. Get the bomb to blow up the
cannons and then drop down and bounce off of Tuskerninni’s head to take him out
of commission. Go right and fall down where the platform goes up and down. Head
left into the elevator.

Boss: Steelbeak
Steelbeak runs off leaving you to deal with a giant robot Darkwing Duck. The
robot will shoot off four little Darkwing robots on parachutes. Before they hit
the ground, bounce off of them and bounce off of the robot’s head. Go to the
far right and the little robots can’t touch you. After a few seconds, the giant
DW will slide back. Jump straight up to avoid him. Stay behind him and repeat
the process of hitting him in the head. When the little robots charge you, jump
straight up and bounce off of their heads. If you miss any, just jump over them
when they come back. Hide in the left hand corner because the robot DW will
jump at you. If you stand there, you are safe. Repeat this process until robot
DW crumbles. Watch the ending as the villains try to flee in their helicopter
and fail.

Darkwing: “Crime doesn’t pay, especially if you don’t pay for gas.”