Devil's Crush

Sound test:
Press Run, Select during game play to display the high score screen, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, I. Use I and II to play and stop the sound selections.

Sound mode:
Pause game play, then press Up, Right, Down.

Unlimited balls:
Enter AAAAAAHAAA or PPPPPPPPPA as a password.

Extra balls:
Enter NAXATSOFT1 as a password.

Extra balls and points:
Enter ASSHOLEFUK as a password for 68 balls and bonus points.
Information in this section was contributed by Kyle Snider.

Enter DEVILSATAN as a password for 6 balls and 955,719,100 points.
Information in this section was contributed by Warren Netz.

View ending sequence:

Two player mode:
Enter AAAAAAAAAAAAAAABCE as a password to give player one an unlimited number of balls and player two 32 balls.

Make your own code:
To make your own code, simply put in the random or set of words. Then when you reach the last letter, try each letter of the alphabet. For example: DFVHRESD, DFVHRESE, DFVHRESF, DFVHRESG do not work, but DFVHRESH is a good code. Most codes lead to a game finish, but every once in awhile you will get a code with several million points and many balls.
Information in this section was contributed by Daniel Campbell.

Complete one of the following tasks to collect the corresponding bonus.

Blue ball
Complete any bonus stage.

Pink ball
Send ball through a tower after destroying all except one of the tower guards

2,000,000 points
Send the ball into the crown without touching the slime roulette when putting it into play.

100,000,000 points
Get the face to the last stage with your bonus tip points between 60 and 69, and have the bonus multiplier at 9.