Emerald Dragon

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Player's Guide

Emerald Dragon Walkthrough

By Stephen Sidler & B.T. Garner

Select Button - Quick Menu: Talk / Map / Save

Run Rutton - Talk (your party members converse among themselves)

II button - cancel

I button - Menu: equip / ??? / Battle-Options
Item select & switching / Status / System (load, save, options)

Battle: You will see a counter underneath your player, this is the number of "moves" that you have. For Atarishyn, 1 point is needed to move one space, and x is needed to issue an attack. (The bigger the weapon you have, the move "x" is). The other characters are NPC, so it's kind of irrelavent (you'll figure it out).

Other things: In each town, there are guys in long overcoats in either the bar or Inn, they allow you to Warp from town to town (20 gold). For instacen, if you are in the third town, you can warp to the first and second (via a horse drawn carriage!), so long as you've "been" there.

In the second town, there are 2 interesting things. A casino, and a "training" gym. The Casino allows you to play 2 games, one is a Shoot-the-darts-at-moving-things game, the other is a slot machine game. Always save before playing .. . if you loose, just restore.

The training thing is weird. It's mainly a place to build up some Exp. You have 3 options (Easy, medium and Hard). Once you've done the Hard training 5 times (or something?), you can no longer use the facility. I found no other use other than Exp build up.

Pesky guards who will not let you pass. . .

I went back and forth between towns, talking to every person in the BARs. Next, I went into item shop NE of guy's house who we thought was the key (town directly east of pesky guards). Talk to girl, man will come out of back room and give you something. Go to the 2 guards and answer yes. Your next move will be to speak to the 2 guards on south end of "guards palace". Could not open the 2 doors in this area. Next, you will be thrown out by the guards into this new area.

Go south. New town. Talk to all, and especially the bartender. Answer all his questions, then the guy on the left in the bar will let you enter door. Now, you can enter the temple northwest of town. After that talk to all. In a NE house there is a bookcase. Go up to it and it will open and allow to talk to a whole bunch of people. You'll lose a member. Go southeast to a new town. In the bottom right house is where is most important. You'll gain a new character. Upon leaving house, new member will open up new area to the east.

Follow your map. Don't bother to go to dead end areas before reaching the next town (see NOTE below). Talk to townspeople, then go SW to cave. Follow the green poisonous slime of the scorpion. I wandered around and found nothing. Eventually, the area will be blocked with fallen rocks. Circle around, going left and up and right to resume the green slime trail. Long cinema after finding bloody dude. Scorpion boss is next. Back to town. In the lower right house, a girl will diappear. After trying to exit town, you are stopped, cinema, and then sent back to previous town. NOTE: There is an area west of scorpion town that I did not survey. It was a dead end on the map, so I hit the town first. Was not able to go there again. Perhaps you might want to continue west and check out before doing the cave bit.

Talk to all, then proceed the town in the NW (the first town you entered after the guards threw you out). Again talk to all, proceed to NE cave. A guard will join your party. Enter the previously locked gate. You will have to enter the palace. A guy blocks your way if go NE. This area is not hard, but you will fight often. On the 4th floor is the boss. Should you go to floor 5 first, people there will push you back toward 4th fl. After boss, floor 5 people will let you exit. Leave this palace and go back to the town where we spent a lot of time while we were stuck with those pesky guards. The dude that transports you no longer allows access to the first two towns. Interesting. Hopefully, we're done with those areas.

Now, go into the temple-like structure NE of town. We've been here before but the monsters are back. You will find a treasure chest you cannot open. Come back later. Eventually, you will enter a cell with a guard. Now, respond with answer #2 both times. You fight. Respond with answer #2. Fight more. You'll be given something, and the entire temple is now freed of monsters. Proceed and you will meet with 3 people at the exit. After speaking with them, proceed to town. Noone is there. Go to the house in the SW corner. Proceed to the big room where we fought a boss way back when. Read the map on the table. Exit room and go right to a table. A cinema, and you will find yourself walking in a secret passage. Fight the boss. Now comes the tricky part.

After this, the townsfolk are back. I warped to every town, spoke to everyone, and eventually one of the two woman inthe town that's directly south of the bridge (directly right of the guy who we thought was the key to get past those pesky guards) gave me something. At this point I had no luck at crossing the bridge, entering the east forest area (where the girl says something and pushes you back), nor the guard standing in front of the castles entrance. Proceed all the way back to the town that you had to use your map to navigate (scorpion town). In the SW corner a guy joins your party (now you have 5 people).

Go back to town immediately west of the entrance to this forest area. Someone in a house will "do" something. Here is where I travelled for hours. (go back to the Indian's father's house, and "search" the bookcase) Go back to scorpion town, go SW to the cave entrance and proceed to the east. A whole new area opens up. Use your map to plot the best way to the temple. Don't bother to check dead ends, as I did and nothing was ever there. The little houses ytou see on the map are actually "healing wells". Go to temple talk to woman, proceed outside and you be warped back to entrance of forest area. Try going now to the area east of the castle that we could not enter because of the girl. You should be able to enter. If not, then talk to everyone in all the towns.
Proceed to house. Ignore dead ends. Enter upper right doorway. Make sure you "touch" all 5 emblems on the wall. The tombstone gives you the clue to successfully open the door with the switches. After reading the tombstone and touching all the emblems, go to the locked gate with the 5 emblems on the floor. Use the sequence of colors that are on the bottom of the tombstone writing and step on the switches in that color order. Fight dragon, then approach crystal ball on pedestal. Item appears. It seems that the text indicates that you have finished an area ...at least that was my assumption. After warping back, I spoke to everyone in all towns, but nothing happened, so you might as well go to the bridge. A fight ensues, and it's clear to roam. Also, you can go back to the previous area. The guard is still blocking entrance to the castle, the bastard!

Go to building (won't allow you to go anywhere else). Straightforward maze, kill bad guy, now you can roam entire area. Go to town. Someone dies, speak to everyone. This is what I did next..went to lake west of town. Picked up item at the bottom. Went SW to area that contained a sword. I switched items, and equipped the 2 characters. If you go all the way SW, you will not be allowed entrance. Go back to town. Go back to lake, and go to bottom where sword was. Get 3000 dollars. Directly NW of town is now a cave. Use you map. No problem here. Fight 3 scorpions. I was at level 80 by now. Go to dude's house. Read all 7 lines. Funny, he keeps moving around. After that, he'll be outside. Talk, go back in house and continually talk to him. He eventually disappears. I'm still not sure if this is good or not, but I did it anyway. Go back to town. The guard rejoins your party, and it is now up to 5 again.

Now head all the way SW and you can enter new area. I like this part. It was cool the way the guys got into the castle. Go to the right hand entrance when you go into this castle. Throw switch, go back up left side. Enter a new maze. Use your map. Eventually, there will be a boss in the southeast part of a floor. Cool sequence. After winning battle, another one starts. After winning, you will now be allowed access south of this castle.

Go to town. Guy joins your party. He is weak, and can't be upgraded. Don't bother. The other characters can gain good defense here. Go to the north cave. Easy. Back to town and your old character rejoins the party. After exiting this house, go back in and talk to yellow haired dude. He gives you 2 things. Now go to boathouse west of town, and you will be allowed to cross water to new area.

SW of new boathouse is a cave. Follow map. On first level, touch all of the columns to trigger opening of new entrance. Also, there will be 2 torches. Come back to them after defeating the boss, because an entrance will appear here. You end up on another island, fighting a group of dudes. OK....after winning the fight, I returned to the boathouse, hoping to see if I could get into castle, or into the area desert. Guess what! The dude at the boathouse denies you the boat! But double check when you reach this point.

OK, you're on the new island now. No inn, weapon or item shops here. Go back to previous town for needs. South is a cave that you cannot gain entrance yet. Go to the 3 houses in the NW from your starting point. Next, go to house in SW corner. As you try to enter, winged creatures attack. Talk to girl. Directly north of this little temple are rail tracks, and locked doors. Go back to town, then the cave.

Finish cave, return to town, go back to girl's temple. Door is unlocked now at end of tracks. Go to blocked wall. Return to girl. (I returned to town also, but don't think it triggered anything). Now go back to blocked doors. A tresure chest in here will give you the 4th selection on the menu that you use to call up the map. It won't work yet, as it is a warping ability.

New area. North is town. Get better armor/weapons. Go southwest and will encounter an ugly boss-dude by the water.

Get ready for a looooooong walk. Go back to town to stock up on those $3000 items that do damage to all the creatures. Head southwest to new area. You will encounter many mazes underground, and many battles. Eventually, you'll fight big bad dude. After this fight, you will be warped to land. You can now use warp. Go to 2nd town on warp menu and visit the castle south. Nice cinema. Now, here's where things got cloudy. I visited every town, every cave, starting with the 1st town on the warp menu. When you visit the town that you got to when you crossed the bridge (the one where there is a grave directly west), go to the cave NW. Go to the house that is in the NW area. You'll warp there right after you answer yes in the cave. The guy talks to you.

By now, all I did was warp around and around and around......

OK...here is where I possibly found a sub-quest. If you want to bypass this part, go to next paragraph. If doesn't work, then do the following: Warp to the next to last town on the warp menu You'll pick up a 5th character and lose your warping abilities (for now), so don't panic like I did. Go east and find a cave. Get treasure (equip new dude), and head south. See the torches...cannot proceed. Exit cave and go all the way east and find another cave. Get to room with robot, treasure chest, warp device and a big metal container. Open treasure chest, and go back to the other cave. There'll be torch opening, open treasure chest, return to other cave and fight bad dude. The blue warp device does not work, but you now have your warping ability back. Warp back to town.

Now, go to the town that has the grave marker to the west, and the cave to the NW (the town right after the bridge). Head SW, and go back in front of the structure that earlier your army climbed the ropes to get over the moat. Proceed west (remember you couldn't enter this area?), and look at your map for an area that looks out of place (green squares) and head there-SW). There will be girl, she joins your party. I warped to towns now and stocked up..lose your warp soon. Now, go NE from this girl and grave marker. You will see a patch of green on the map. Once there, will be 3 palm trees and a tile. As you approach, a winged creatures attacks. Head to NW opening.

From here, it's simply follow the mazes. Eventually, you'll come outside and proceed to bottom of lake. Here, you get the "sword". Go NE to new opening. Here it becomes interesting. After cinema, touch every- thing in room as you are a girl. Proceed south of room, and find all your characters. Go back to rooms that were immediately east and west of this room, and stock up on armor/weapons/items. Exit either side and more treasure chests. Boss is nearing.

Last boss changes to high powered dude after killing him the first time. (but he's a wimp!)

G O O D L U C K!

**Essential items to have.....

Item has 3 symbols, the first being a triangle on top of lines. It restores life to a character that dies in a battle. Found in many chests. Put one in each character's inventory.

Item has 3 symbols, the first being a crooked T with a line over it. It restores HP to all characters.

Item has 2 concentric circles as first symbol. Restores one character HP fully.

Item has dash at end, uses all sysmbols. Use this in battle, as it affects all the enemies on screen. I had 12 of them at end of game. Buy this at next to last town for 3,000 each. Worth it.