It Came From The Desert

Level practice:
Press one of the following controller actions when the phrase "Just a moment..." appears to jump to the corresponding game level.

Bomb the surfacing ants
Press I.

In the mines
Press II.

Antdroid shootout
Press I + II.

Battle the Queen
Press Left.

View end of losing game
Press Up.

View the credits
Press Down.

Antroid difficulty and victim select:
Hold I + II + Select and press Up/Right when the Antdroid sequence begins to set a difficulty level and to choose a victim. Note: The last victim on the list is a member of the development team.

Easy tunnel sequences:
Press II to make Buzz jump over a giant ant or Antroid in a tunnel. Press Run to pause game play while he is jumping. Tap Run repeatedly to float Buzz over all the opponents in the tunnel. Press I or II to land at a power-up or door and continue game play.


Player's Guide

Turbo Empire Player's Guide : It Came From The Desert

Before attempting to go into the ants' nest, you should first save Elmer to get more flamethrower fuel. Some time between the 8th and 10th (i don't remember the exact day), he will leave a note in his station saying that he is going hiking in the sw volcanic cone. Go to the volcano, fight the ants, and next day, visit Elmer’s station. He'll thank you for saving his life and give you more flamethrower fuel. The entrance to the ants' nest will never appear on the main map, but there are several other ways to get there:

By taking a flight from Hilber's field. By driving a tank from a battle going on at a near by location. By going south when you are in a battle at the M1 mine.

The entrance to the nest doesn't stay open long enough for you to get in before the ants start invading the various locations in the town, so you'll have to wait until they do. The 11th is the best day to enter the hole since it is very hot and there are few ants around. If you try cooler days, there will probably be too many of them around for you to handle. Also, if you decide to get to the hole by plane, you can land safely on the dirt road parallel to the tracks leading to the m1 mine.

For those who are having trouble getting to the ants hideout, it is located about one screen due south of mine one. The best way to gain access to the tunnel is on the morning of day 11. Go to the airport and get the plane. Fly to mine one (southeast from the airport) and land on the road in front of mine one. Get out of your plane and walk to the center of the main building of mine one. Walk south about one and a half screens and the hole should open and a ant will crawl out. You must kill the ant and run to the hole before it closes. You will get about 4 or 5 chances to get in. Once you are in the hole you will automatically have the flame thrower and the timed dynamite charges. There are two levels of the ants chambers, a top level and a bottom level. You must make a map as to where you have checked. You can do this by putting the game on pause with the left mouse button. This will keep the ants off you while you draw maps. Once you have made it to the bottom chamber repeat the map drawing till you find the queen ants’ chamber. You will need it to get out after you plant the charges. To plant the charges once in the queens chambers move close to the queens left side of her body. Once you walk around her left side the music will stop and a slow ticking will start. You will have to get back to the place you entered on the second level. If you get back before the bomb goes off you will win the game.


  • It means nothing to gather information about the ants through out the game. The mayor will not listen to anything you present in evidence. He will call an alert only after his car gets eaten on the afternoon of June 11.
  • It will do no good to escape the hospital as you have to sleep anyway. Even thou it will do no good to escape from the hospital it's a fun arcade sequence to play.
  • Even with the solves given above you still must learn how to fly the airplane. To get the right altitude to save fuel, after you take off fly east or west. Back off the throttle till the shadow on the ground comes up and just touches the wing of the plane. You will then have the right speed and altitude. The faster you fly and the higher you go the more fuel you will use. These settings will conserve enough fuel to let you fly and not run out of gas and return to the airfield and land if you blow it getting into the ant hole.