Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

Cheat mode:
Hold I + II + Select + Run and power on the game console. Press Up eight times while holding the other buttons when the word "Start" appears. Use Select, I and II to select the various options, then press Run to begin game play.

Alpha Sword:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Select the "Sound" and "Effect" options on the cheat screen. Play effect "01", sound "06", and effect "11". Note: Do not wait until the sound ends before playing the effect. Begin game play on level 6. By the time you reach the sword hut, you will already have the Alpha Sword.

Freeze the last boss trick:
At the end of the game just before you drop down to defeat the last boss, just simply start at the beginning of the platform and run straight off. If you did it right the last boss should freeze in place making beating him a piece of cake.

Level Select:
Turn the power on and press Run + Select to reset the game. Next push I + II + Run + Select. While still holding all the buttons press Up 8 times.

Super Coins:
On some stages there are flying Lucky Cats. If you kill the enough cats, a red cat will fly along. If you kill the red Lucky Cat, it will drop a red coin. The coin is worth a lot more than a regular coin.

Hint: Beat the Titan Boss:
Move right and jump down the hole after facing the last two enemies, Baron Chairman and Stitch. Move left until reaching the end of the ledge. Jump to the far left to reach another ledge. Run to the right, and allow Keith to fall diagonally and land in front of B.A.D. Boss. Jump up repeatedly (without moving left or right) and hit the Boss with the Alpha Sword.