Last Blade 2

Special Kotetsu Intro
Choose arcade, versus, or training mode. Then, highlight Kotetsu on the character selection and press C - B - C. If done correctly, Kotesu will talk. Then press A or D to select Kotetsu. An introduction sequence with Kotetsu being thrown out of the stage by Shigen will appear.

Hidden characters
A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select the character to begin gameplay.

Highlight Akari and press C(8 times) and B(9 times). Wait 1 second and press C(1 time).
Kaede Before Awakening
Highlight Kaede and press C(9 times, B(1 time), and C(4 times).
On any mode, go to the character selection screen and highlight Kaede. And in 4 seconds press: C ten times, B five times, then


Time Attack Mode
Hold A,B,C,D at the title screen and then press start.

Unlock EX Mode
After choosing your character you will be taken to the mode selection screen. Highlight Speed and press C(6 times), highlight Power and press B(3 times), highlight Speed once more and press C(4 times). You must do this quickly or the cheat will not work.