Legendary Axe 2

Ninety-nine continues:
Hold II + Run and repeatedly tap Left after losing your last life to gain up to 99 continues.


Player's Guide

v 1.1
author: Dimetric Houston
e-mail: dhousto6@bellsouth.net

Screen Description
The Legendary Axe
Stage Strategies
Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Hello all. This FAQ covers the game Legendary Axe. Legendary Axe is a game
made for the Turbografx-16. It is a good old-school action game.

I am not going to bother with the copyright stuff. If you are low enough
to try to bank a profit off of this, or you decide to plagiarize it, that's
your wretched morality.

v 1.0 8-4-99
-First edition. Game completed.
-Strategies for each stage up to room 5J present.
v 1.1 8-5-99
-Remaining room strategies present.

You are the mighty warrior Gogan. Your village has been ruled by the evil
Jagu cult. Your village has been required to give a human sacrifice each
year. This year, your childhood friend Flare will be the sacrifice. You
must go rescue Flare and destroy the Jagu and their leader, Jagu.

You have been given the Legendary Axe to perform this task. It is said this
weapon possesses tremendous power usable only by its wielder.


D-pad: Moves Gogan. Down is crouch.
Button 1: Jump (tap for small jump. Press for large jump)
Button 2: Attack
Select: Nothing
Run: Pause


The info at the top of the screen can be a tad perplexing. I will describe
the various items shown.

At the upper right is your score and the current zone you are in. Next to
the zone are your remaining lives. To the left of all this is a golden
structure (called the power level in the manual). This structure fills with
red balls as you power up the Legendary Axe. With each filling, the Axe's
power increases.

To the left of the power level is your life meter.

At the very top of the screen is a long bar. This is the Power Gauge. This
indicates the current striking power of the Legendary Axe. As you gain
certain powerups, the amount of bar that will fill lengthens. The bar
fills with a red color. The more red you see, the higher striking
power in the Legendary Axe. At some point of filling you will also see a
colored aura appear around Gogan.

Note: You will get an extra life at certain score increments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you die, you lose 1 axe powerup and 1 speed powerup,
thus you swing slower and can charge 1 less level. Axe
powerups usually will appear at some point in a stage, so
don't worry too much if you have lost one.

Legendary Axe has quite a repertoire of enemies. Below are their
descriptions. Names are from the manual.

Punjabbi--warriors that carry a spear and shield. They are dangerous and
annoying opponents. They can block your hits with their shields
and they stab and throw their spears.

Rock Man--these enemies first appear as a stationary square rock. When you
get close they fully form. They reach out with a hand to hit you.
They can be easily taken care of by crouching and striking.

Jagi--fireball hurling statues. These appear only in the Pits of Madness.
They flash when they are about to throw fireballs. They start by
throwing one, then three (two straight and one at an angle). You
can hit them after they throw the three fireballs if you move quickly.

Evil Eagle--bird that moves back and forth across the screen. At some point
when they reach the right side of the screen, they will descend
to be even with your head and charge at you.

Ape Man--appears in the Zone 5. They can burst out of walls or be seen
coming toward you. They carry large rocks which they throw at you.

Aqua Lung--a creepy one-eyed flying creature. They move quickly and in a
pattern. When they fly across the top of the screen, at some
point they release three fireballs at you.

Rolling Armadillo--simply runs back and forth along the ground. They move
fast, but other than this, they do nothing else.

Poisonous Moth--small purple flying creature. The "poisonous" is of no
concern. The only damage they cause is by physical contact.

Demon Giant--looks like a bear. Walks slowly and will strike with an arm
swipe when close. When you hit them, they jump at you with an
arm swipe. Strike them then immediately jump towards them and
strike. Continue until they either are out of range or are

Monkey--very annoying opponents. Fortunately, they appear in only one area.
They grab onto you and continuously drain your life. You have to
shake them off (rapid controller movement). Appears in groups of
threes so avoid if possible. Kill ASAP.

Cave Man--looks like smaller versions of the Punjabbi. According to the
manual, they carry clubs (although they look like plowshares
to me). When you see them, they will be moving back and forth very
quickly. Once in range they will come toward you and swing. They
can be quite annoying. Once you see one, wait until it is in its
forward motion (coming toward you), then jump toward them and

Vampire Bat--common foe. This is a brown bat that simply flies
across the screen. Really just an annoyance while you are
fighting other enemies.

Giant Tarantula--large spider which moves up and down on its web. At some
point it will fire three, then five web shots in an arc. As
you damage it, its legs come off. You can destroy the web

Frog Man--green medium sized creatures. They leap out of water or floors and
toss a fireball high in the air. Dodge the fireball and strike.

Amoeba--VERY annoying foes. They come out of the ceiling and toss a shot at
you. Then they flip constantly back and forth around the screen,
occasionally pausing to toss another shot. The shot is tossed either
high or low depending on where the Amoeba's head is when it is on the
ground. Amoebas go through color changes as they are damaged. From
strongest to weakest, the colors are:

White and Green
White and Red

Ball Thrower--appears only in the Pits of Madness. They walk toward you and
release bouncing crystal balls. When you kill them, they
release more bouncing crystal balls and a bat. Strike and move
away to dodge the balls.

Nomad--common foes. They carry double-blade axes and wear different colors
which give an indication as to their power. They are described below:

Orange: the first type you will meet. They just come at you and strike
out with their axes.

Green: these leap at you. If you are close when they are on the ground,
they strike just like the orange ones.

Red: first in the series of sliding nomads. They are low to the ground
and speedily slide toward you. When in range, they strike with
their axe. These type are difficult only because of the speed
that they come at you.

Blue: second leaping variety of nomads. They are stronger than the
green type and so require more power to kill. A non-killing hit
will make them do a backflip. Follow and strike.

Purple (blue skin): first in the series of annoying throwing axe
nomads. They will throw their axes at you. At times they will
throw the axe before even being seen. They can throw the axe
high or low. Watch carefully--they don't give any indication
of where they will throw the axe. They jump straight up
before throwing.

Yellow (red skin): the other throwing axe nomads. Just like their
purple counterparts, but watch if the axe returns
like a boomerang.

White: second sliding variety of nomads. They are like their red
counterparts except requiring more power to kill. Also, I have
seen these type block weak level axe hits.

Boulder: A big rolling rock :) As you damage it, it changes color and slows
in rolling speed. These appear in tight places so put the high
power hits on them as they take quite a pounding.

Jagu: The boss of the game. Big, ugly, cool-looking fellow. According to
the manual, it is made up of spirits of other monsters. Takes up most
the screen. Uses a jumping foot attack which, while totally simple,
is quite deadly and hard to dodge because of his size.


This is your only weapon in the game, and it possesses tremendous destructive
power (where have we heard this before?). The power of the axe is increased
by collecting powerups. With each powerup collected, the bar at the top of
the screen will be able to fill up more. Also, with each level of increase
a red ball will appear in the golden structure next to your life bar.

The bar starts out empty. When you gain your first powerup, a small amount
of the bar will start filling in red. When the red reaches the current limit
of filling, you are at maximum striking power for this level. Your blow will
do increased damage. The strategy in Legendary Axe comes in trying to let
your axe power fill up completely while dodging enemies so that you can do
the max damage to kill foes quickly. When you strike (whether you hit or
not), the bar completely empties and starts filling again.

As mentioned before, at each level of power, a colored aura appears around
Gogan. Here are the aura colors and their corresponding levels:

Level 1: purple
level 2: red
level 3: green
level 4: white

At level 4, your axe will hit with a powerful BOOM!! and the entire screen
will flash white. You can kill most normal opponents with one hit at this
level. Very few foes can withstand a level 4 axe hit.


Legendary Axe has a few powerups to help Gogan in his adventure. They are
described below. Names are from the manual.

Note: All powerups are held in the brown idols

Power Supply--MOST IMPORTANT!! These are the powerups that will power up the
Legendary Axe. There is usually one in each stage, so get them
all. They have a crown-like appearance and are quite

Wing--these speed up your axe swing, allowing you to do faster consecutive

Life Recover A,B,C--these restore your life bar by 1,3,and 7 units
respectively. They are in increasing size except Life Recover C is
red in color and the same size as Life Recover B.

1-up--gives an extra life.

Blue Crystal--large crystal that increases score by 5,000 points.

Red Crystal--small crystal that increases score by 1,000 points.

Key--used to access secret areas.


This section will offer various strategies on each stage. It will tell of
any secret areas and reveal any other info I see as pertinent. It will also
give strategies on the bosses of each stage.


You will meet the first two nomad varieties here (orange and green) as well
as bats. At the first pit you see, fall down and proceed slowly to the right.
A giant tarantula will appear. You can fight it now are go past it and get
the three idols on the right. Killing the tarantula will get you your first
axe powerup.

Climb the ladder after killing the tarantula and proceed to the right. Jump
across the pits. If you fall you will just be in the tarantula chamber again
but fortunately you don't have to fight it again. Just go left to the ladder
and climb back out.

At the end you will meet the boss.

BOSS--2 Demon Giants
You don't have much room to move in, but this fight is not difficult. A
demon giant will come from the right and left side. Choose one to attack and
keep the pressure on. Kill them both to advance to the next stage. Some
strategy is offered below.

Let's say you attack the right one first. When you hit it, it will move back
slightly then jump at you. If you do the aggressive tactic and follow it you
can hit it while it jumps. In this case it will jump again in mid-air, this
time higher. Each successive air hit will make it jump higher until it will
eventually will jump over you. If you manage to kill it before it completely
jumps over you, great, just pound the other one the same way. If not, both
of them should be on one side of you. Attack aggressively and fast, don't
worry about trying to let your axe power go up. If you do want to put some
hurting on them, get a distance to let your power go up, then strike and do
the aggressive attack.


Here you will be in an underground cavern. Bats and moths start this area
off. Proceed to the right. Amoebas will appear. When one appears, try to
battle it without moving further to the right. Things get nasty ugly when
more than one amoeba gets on the screen. Each time you strike an amoeba
without killing it, it will do a flip in place and land with its head in
a different spot. Attack quickly to keep it flipping so it can't attack.
As you damage it, it will change color. When it is bright white and red, it
is very close to dying. The strongest amoebas are gray.

There will be lava pits to cross. At the second pit on, wait to see if fire
spurts come out of the lava before crossing. There will be ropes to cross
some of these pits.

Strike your axe when you are behind rock structures. Some idols are hidden
behind them. Especially jump and strike as most of the hidden idols are in
the air behind large rock facings. There is a hidden idol behind the second
rock structure you reach from the start of the stage.

At one horizontal stretch, travel slowly because quick movement will cause
two amoebas to appear. Take care of one without moving forward too much.

If both amoebas appear, this is a pretty nasty situation. Try to get to
the first one before it fires and attack. If you can keep them on one side
of you, this is good. Else, judge where they will land and get out of the
way (not easy). Keep a furious attack up here. You will probably take a
few good hits before getting out of this one.

When you run into your first Boulder the boss is near. MAKE SURE YOU KILL
THE BOULDER BEFORE GOING ON! It will keep rolling back and forth until you
kill it. When you are hit you are momentarily invincible, so you may think
of trying to go on past the boulder. DO NOT DO THIS!! If you do you will
have to fight the boulder and the boss.

BOSS--Gray Rock
This boss is a large rolling gray rock. It looks just like a normal boulder
except it's gray and glowing green. Use the rope to get over the boss (you
CAN NOT jump over the boulder). There is an aggressive and passive way to
attack this boss.

Aggressive: What you want to do is look for an opportunity where the rope
is going towards the boulder. Jump off and strike the boulder. Now quickly
get back on the rope. You should have to move away from the boulder and the
rope should be near you so that you can get on it.

Passive: Exact opposite of aggressive. You want the rope to be going in the
same direction as the boulder. Jump off when the boulder is ahead of the
rope. Catch up wit the boulder and hit it, then quickly get back on the rope
before the boulder changes direction.

It takes four or five full axe blows to kill this boss (if you got
all the powerups to this point).


Here you will run into Rockmen, eagles, and more nomads. As you travel, you
may notice that there is a high part and a low part of the ground you can
travel on. I suggest you get on the low part because it will lead to some
secret treasure.
If you are traveling along the bottom, you will still be able to see idols
which are along the top. There is an idol on the high part of the third

Keep traveling right. You will come to a part where there is Rockman, an
idol, and a little further on you see a purple-dressed nomad. Get the idol
then drop off the edge to the bottom part. Keep traveling right and you will
find 10 idols waiting for you. Get the treasure then go back and continue
traveling along the high part.

When you reach the long horizontal stretch you will encounter your first
axe throwers. Go slow because they will throw axes before you even see them.
As I have seen it, thrown axes always start high, so continuously be prepared
to crouch. After this line of axe throwers, you can either go up some rocky
steps or keep going right. Go right (this is a bottom part) until you reach
a moving log. Get on the log and go across. Keep going and you will find
three idols. Get them then go back and go up the rocky steps. Green nomads
and ropes await you.

After the ropes, you will see a gray demon giant. If you take the aggressive
tactic (continuous attacks by jumping) you can actually make this giant leap
off the screen and be gone for good--maybe it's a bug.

Further on you will see a demon-giant and a rockman. Let the demon-giant
come at you and lead it away from the rockman a ways. Now fight it. You
don't want both of them at you at the same time. Go on to the next part.


Begins with blue leaping nomads. Also introduces the frogmen and cavemen.

After the ropes, eagle, rockman, and the first waterfall, frogmen will start
jumping out of the water. As you proceed there is a part where a rockman is
on a platform and is even with your foot. Strike it while it is not moving,
then move away so that it hits air. Then strike again to kill it.

On the first horizontal stretch you reach, all appears quiet. Move forward
slowly because three frogmen will leap out of the water under you to attack.

On the second horizontal stretch (after some platform jumping) you will run
into cavemen. Fight them one at a time.

You will now come upon small logs coming over the waterfall. There are two
groups of such logs. Near the second group is a frogman so watch out.
Jump down to the idol you see--it is a key. Get it and watch the water
recede. You now have seen the game's ONLY secret area so get the idols and
go back to the logs and go on.

After taking care of more cavemen and rockmen, go slow on the horizontal
stretch while you get the idols. There is a red sliding nomad here. Inch
forward until he comes up. He will come from behind. You want him out of
the way because the boss is coming up.

BOSS--5 Aqualungs
This is your first encounter with Aqualungs. Creepy critters aren't they?
That boss music is spooky too. Ok, the Aqualungs have quite a bit of speed
on them, so you will have to be quick in movement.

This can be a LONG fight so be patient. The aqualung's pattern is movement
across the top of the screen and then they move in a triangular pattern
directly over you. You will need to crouch to avoid touching them. While
moving across the top of the screen, they will sometimes release three
fireballs. Because you will be immobilized so much by crouching, you need to
get away from those fireballs. Get in the extreme left or right corners of
the screen. These are absolute safe areas. You could crouch here forever
and not be hit.

Ok, what you have to do is wait for an opportunity to hit the aqualungs.
These opportunities are few and far between because the aqualungs stay over
you for so long. Four of them may be moving across the screen and one will
still sit over you. Then if you actually do have an opening, the fireballs
will keep you where you are, so you still miss the chance. One way to make
hitting opportunities is to wait until an aqualung is going up away from you.
Now QUICKLY move to the side so that the aqualung will be even with you when
it comes back down. Strike and crouch--FAST!!! And don't move so much that
you go way out of the corner. If a fireball hits you, you can be
hard-pressed to try to make it back to a corner. Great hitting chances come
when an aqualung goes to one side of the screen, then moves down and comes
toward you. If everything is open (not likely) you can stand up and strike.

Patience is what is needed here. Look for opportunities and make some when
you see safe chances to do so. Kill them all and you will go to the next
stage. If there are idols still left when you kill them, quickly get the
idols before the game makes you move on.

The universe's shortest level. Take about two steps forward and 2 cavemen
will ambush you. One comes from the front, and one from the back. Use the
jumping tactic to kill them (jump and strike when they come toward you).
Kill them both and go on to the next area. Nice and sweet zone, eh? :)

Let your axe strength get to max at the level start. A few steps into this
level runs you smack into a boulder. You should be level 3 in axe strength
by now. Hit the boulder then move back while your axe power recharges.
Quickly hit again and move to charge. Three full power lv. 3 axe hits will
kill the boulder. You won't have much room to retreat, so don't waste axe

After the moving log, there is a hidden idol hidden in the air behind the
rock structure. To help you visualize this, you will see an idol soon after
leaving the moving log. Also, an amoeba will appear. The hidden idol is
before them.

After the rope section and the three gray rockmen, there is a hidden idol
near the fourth gray rockman (you can see another idol near this rockman).
Jump to hit it.

After meeting the aqualung and the frogman, there is an idol which is
partially hidden in the ceiling. You can see the bottom of it (which is
glowing green). An amoeba is near here so let that be a visual clue.

There is a pit that is rather dangerous as three amoebas are nearby. They
can knock you into the pit. Take each amoeba out singly so not too much is
coming at you. Push against the edge of the rock edge you are on (the
amoebas will be a level or two above you) so that if you are hit, you won't
bounce back too much and fall.

On the horizontal stretch with the idols, go slow because an aqua lung and
three frogmen will attack.

When you reach the rockman on the lone ledge, jump to him to wake him up,
then quickly jump back to the other ledge. Get to its left edge and wait for
the rockman to fall off his ledge. There is another rockman next to an idol
and the ladder you need to use to go on. Try to use the same tactic you
just used on the previous rockman. Climb the ladder and go on.

Whew! Straight horizontal area again! Well, this area is quite dangerous
because of the monkey pits. If you fall into them, you will have to deal
with three bouncing monkeys which are hard to hit. Once they get on you, you
have to shake them off (jiggle the controller left and right RAPIDLY)
because they suck life from you quickly.

Ok, the first pit you reach has a tarantula and two armadillos in it. You
can go here to get your final axe powerup (yahoo!) but it's not necessary as
you can get it later on in this zone anyway. If you are impatient go ahead
and get it (witness the power of a level 3 axe hit on the tarantula!)

Throughout this level, you will see idols on white stone pillars. This
usually indicates that a fake floor is nearby. These fake floors lead to the
monkey pits. When you see an idol on a white pillar, move forward and see if
you can clearly see another idol near the one on the pillar.

If you can, then the fake floor is between them. Get the idol on the white
pillar, then jump in such a way that you land DIRECTLY on the other idol.
Get this idol. You will now see a hole nearby. This hole is also part of
the monkey pits (and will be the way out if you fall in). Jump from where
you are to the leftmost edge of this hole. Now jump across. The fake
floors are before and after the idol after the one on the white pillar.

If you can't clearly see the next idol (in this case you can see part of it
or half of it) then do the following. First get the idol on the white pillar
if needed. Now jump towards the other idol as far as possible. You should
land close to the other idol. Now do a small jump such that you land
DIRECTLY on the idol. A hole will be nearby. Do the hole-jumping
procedure mentioned above.

You will now be on a normal horizontal stretch, populated by four cavemen.
Take care of the first three (singly). As you approach an idol, you will see
the fourth. Take care of him without moving forward too much. There are
four idols here. You should be able to get two of them. Now get ready for
a really HARD fight. Getting to the second idol should make the boss appear.

BOSS--2 Punjabbi's
Along with the Panda and perhaps Jagu himself, this is the hardest fight in
the game. one Punjabbi will come from the left and the other from the right.
You won't have much room at all which is really bad here because the
Punjabbi's have good range with their spears. They either throw their spears
or stab them out. The stabs are your biggest worry because the reach is
THIS FIGHT STARTS!! You need to get this over with quickly and with
vengeance. You won't have any time to charge for a powerful strike so you
need to make the first one count. When the fight starts, hit one of the
Punjabbi's with a lv. 4 axe power hit. Even if it blocks, it will be
damaged. Now things get beyond hectic. You can continue your assault on
one Punjabbi until the other gets within range or try to divide strikes
between the two of them. The latter is good coverage, but is extremely
difficult to do. The former gives you a better chance to kill one of them,
but can be cut short really fast by a stabbed spear.

Your best bet is to get both of them on one side of you. You WILL take hits
doing this, so make sure you have full or near-full life before
entering this fight. With both of them on one side, ambush spear stabs won't
be such a problem. Now you may actually get a minute amount of charge time
for a strong hit. Crouching doesn't even help here, as a stabbed spear will
still hit you. Crouching will avoid a thrown spear, though. When they are
on one side, you can make continuous assaults (jumping assaults seem best) or
crouch and charge and keep striking out to keep them away. You may get into
a position where if you have REALLY good timing you can strike such that your
axe is at max length of your reach when they approach you and this will hit
them without them stabbing you. Keep trying. This is NOT an easy battle.

Kill them and you go to the next stage.


You're in the home stretch now. This stage begins with white axe sliders and
a Punjabbi. Grr! Let that Punjabbi have it with lv. 4 axe hits. You have
all the room in the world and it is just one of them this time.

When you reach the idols on the descending stairs, get on the platform next
to the pit and crouch. A yellow axe will soon fly over your head. Jump over
the pit and run into the red axe throwers. They will be in a series of ones
and twos as follows:

1 2 1 2 1

1 means that there is only one axe thrower here. 2 is two axe throwers.
Before jumping to the next platform, wait for the axe to be thrown (crouch).

After the last one, get the idols and proceed left. Wow, not too used to
going left, eh? Ok, as you travel along this part, white axe sliders will be
your enemies. You are positioned such that you are closer to the left side
of the screen, so you will have less time to see the axe sliders coming from
that side. Keep your finger on your jump button so you can respond instantly.
Here is what to expect: (b--comes from behind you; right side of the screen.
easiest to react to)
(f--comes in front of you; left side; hard to reach

1 b
1 f
2 b
1 f
1 f

Let me give a small interpretation of this. While you travel left, one axe
slider will come from behind you. Turn and strike. Keep going. Later on an
axe slider will come in front of you. Jump back then quickly turn and strike.
Ok, now do you understand what this all means?

The last axe slider should be near two idols located above it. Get them and
go right.

Ok, now you will see dark brown wall areas in the background. Apemen will
burst out of these walls and throw rocks at you. They appear somewhat
instantly, so be prepared. There are three apes, so at each dark area get
ready for one to appear. They take two lv. 4 axe hits to kill. When you hit
them, they still toss the rock, so move back after hitting them (the throwing
distance is not far).
Near the third dark wall (and thus the third ape), a white axe slider will
come from behind, so be on guard.

After this and going down the steps, you will see an Punjabbi moving behind
some columns. Kill it and go on. You will fight a series of Punjabbi's and
apemen. There are hidden idols in this area. There is a hidden idol behind
the third and fourth column. They are in the air, so jump to hit them. If
you hit anything with a lv. 4 axe hit, you will see the idols in the air.

Proceed onward to reach the Pits of Madness.


Now you are in the eternal maze of Legendary Axe. Rightfully named the Pits
of Madness, you will either go mad or get mad trying to get through them.
The Pits are a series of interconnecting lettered rooms (labeled 5A-5Z).
Some rooms have more than one path to take--either a door or a well. There
is only one correct path to take. Go the wrong way and you will end up in
an earlier room or some room that just is all out of the way. Below is the
way to get through the Pits of Madness. Letters which appear beneath
other letters means that you should go through the well in the floor in this
room (i.e. go through the well in room E instead of going through the door).
Letters next to each other mean go through the door to reach the next room
(go through the door from room A to get to room B). Follow this path
exactly. If a room has a well but is shown on a horizontal path here, ignore
the well.
I am showing what enemies are in the rooms so you will know what to
expect (most idols in most rooms will not be mentioned).
The "b" and "f" mean the same thing as with the axe sliders earlier (behind
and front).

Note: These are the final levels of the game! Keep your axe power at 100%
and go SLOWLY.
These rooms throw everything at you and room L is the absolute worse!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you exit a room, your axe power meter empties
completely and starts refilling. When you enter another room, the
meter empties again and starts refilling. For this reason, when
you first enter a room, wait until your axe power is full. Only
strike out at enemies that are next to you and don't go forward
until you have 100% axe power.

A - B - C - D - E
I - J -K - L
T - U - V - W
M - N - O - P
R - S

A -- bats

B -- 1 amoeba
2 Demon Giants

C -- 2 idols; no enemies

D -- 2 idols past the well.
apeman and 2 rockmen in the well

Note: Although room D has a well, it is shown on a horizontal path because
the well is the only path you can take in this room.

E -- bats
3 cavemen
2 idols in well

I -- idols

J -- 2 aqualungs (1f 1b) 1f soon after
2 aqualungs near the well, 2 after the well

K -- bats
3 ball throwers (1f 1b 1f)

L -- ballthrower (1 at start)
jagi (2 near idol)
aqualungs (2 near idol, 2 after 2nd jagi)
jagi--idol--jagi (white axe slider near 2nd jagi)
2 axe sliders (1b 1f)
axe slider aqualungs (2 sets)
rear axe sliders
ball throwers (1f 1f 1b)
axe sliders (1f 1b simultaneously)
jagi, 2 axe sliders

T -- 3 amoebas

U -- axe slider after well
there are 2 wells here, ignore both

V -- cavemen

W -- 2 idols after well (C recovers); near end of room
red axe slider after well
2 aqualungs out of the floor after the well

Note: It's best just to go into the well in room W; You'll most likely
lose too much life trying to get to the C recovers

M -- bats
3 cavemen

N -- 2 aqualungs after well (1f 1b)

Note: The aqualung in back here is low to the ground so you can't duck under
it like the others. Turn and crouch fast to hit it.

O -- amoeba at start
3 cavemen (2 seen together; other one comes later)

P -- jagi
white axe slider

Q -- 3 Punjabbis (there is different music here; you are getting close to the
end; hang in there!)

R -- boss (Panda)


Still alive? Ok, there are 3 idols in this room. The Panda will appear when
all three are visible. This is another difficult battle. The Panda shoots
fireballs which move in an elliptical pattern (horizontal ellipse). You can
hit the fireballs to get rid of them. The Panda will shoot about three or
four of these, then teleport to another part of the room (either the middle
or one side). As I remember, it shoots 2 fireballs (it may shoot a third),
then jumps high in the air. When it hits the ground, it will shoot the
next. The problem is the fireballs. You won't be able to get very
powerful hits off on the Panda because the fireballs will keep you busy.
If you can manage to find room to dodge them and thus allow for some
charging, then do so, but those fireballs stay on the screen for quite
some time and will constantly be a menace. To be ultimately safe, strike
all the fireballs and then go after the Panda. If you want to charge for
power hits, at least get a few fireballs out of the way so you have some

Kill the Panda and go to room S.

S -- this room really doesn't count, but I put it here for consistency.

There are no enemies. Just jump up the platforms and go to the
right. You will go into Zone 6.


This is last area and only contains the final boss.


With a cool fusion intro, Jagu makes his appearance. As you will see, he is
quite large and almost psychedelic. Epileptic folk watch out. You just have
to hit Jagu until he dies. He goes through two color changes. When his dark
parts turn yellow, he is midway to death. When those parts turn purple, he
is even closer. Jagu has only one attack. He jumps and strikes his foot
down. Of course, touching that grotesque body will also damage you. Judge
where he will land and adjust yourself. As much as possible, stay on the
outside of Jagu (not between his legs) and strike. You can do either form
of attack on Jagu--power or speed. Either use level 4 axe hits or the
highest power axe hits you have, or hack as fast as you can. The power
method seems faster. The only problem you will have with Jagu is you will
basically end up under him most of the time. The problem here is when he
jumps and does his foot stomp, you will get hit 99% of the time. It is
EXTREMELY rare for this hit to miss you. I would have said 100% but
there were three of the 30 times I played that it missed. This is why you
want to be out from under Jagu as much as possible. Keep attacking and
dodging until you kill him.

Kill him and you win (you rescue Flare, get the kiss, etc.).

Note: 1 and 2 are Buttons 1 and 2 respectively.

More continues--you can find this trick at GameSages(sages.ign.com)

God--for the strength, life, and intellect to do this FAQ
GameSages--the continues trick

I hope you have enjoyed this FAQ. If there are any corrections, additions,
etc. that you see that need to be put here, please e-mail me and let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Dimetric Houston

The End